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posted on 02/28/2010

There have been very few sports organizations that seem to place themselves in positions that make their fans happy. Today, a decision the NHL made quite some time ago, manifested into something special. Luck, a large stage, and superior talent has more than likely added to the fan-ship of the league.

For the very first time, millions of Americans (including myself) got a chance to witness what is to be appreciated about the often maligned sport of hockey. The gold medal game between the U.S. and Canada was a masterpiece and a joy to watch. Those who didn't know what "icing" was (when a player shoots the puck passed both red lines), as well as the other seemingly foreign rules ignored them to watch a game played with passion and intensity. 

This game, thankfully, included the best players in the world, all of which play in the NHL. the NHL decided to shut down its offices to allow their players to play and represent their respective countries. Thank You NHL! You got it right where so many organizations have not. You put the game first where so many leagues have failed to do so. For this instance you pass with flying colors (A+). So lets see how the rest of the sports did: