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Italian Football and U.S Sports Handicapper/Tipster

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Ej the Rainmaker is the Founder and Main Cog of what is known amongst his peers as ThinkDog. Since being established in 2003, it was created as a private forum where some of the top cappers would
meet online and discuss the daily NHL board of betting in a group voice/video-chat setting.

ThinkDog was started mainly for Hockey, which had numerous NHL specialists, but quickly turned into a place where all sports in general were discussed daily and in later years, the board lengthened because of Ej's fondness of other sports, including Italian Football, which no one was aware of until Online betting on European sports became more readily available, and it was revealed that since 1983. He had followed The League known as Serie A in Italy for what is now going on 30 years of experience.

With his 20 years of sports handicapping experience with U.S. Sports, and an even longer tenure with European Football/Soccer, you get a qualified, knowledgeable and highly assertive handicapper to gain experience in 6 major sports consisting of 9 Leagues.... MLB, NHL, NFL, NCAA Hoops & Football, & Football/Soccer (Italian Serie A & B, Champions and Europa League)

You can see as you read more of The Rainmaker's posts and plays, that he takes the time necessary to be insightful, honest, and always line-conscious. Nobody seeks the "Value of the Return" as well as yours truly, so we welcome his addition and presence whole heartedly!

Other Associations:
-Founder of Thinkdog Sports Forum @
-Twitter @EjTheRainmaker
-Widely known and recognized as a Video Handicapper @ from 2010 - 12); NHL and Italian Football


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posted on 03/21/2013


 Radio segment involving all things Italian Calcio Serie A & B