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A 25 year old MMA fighter and Fanatic from Southern California, spends time in the gym and doing cardio all day and writing about the sport i love.

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posted on 03/24/2010

Given that a lot of the top teams aren't playing like top teams, march madness truly is Madness this year, the question is is anyones bracket still intact? Kansas was routed out first round, Georgetown was routed out, the insanity!

My prediction is that we all need to sit down, buckle up because it is going to be a bumpy ride. We're all setting up for a massive blow out, and I think it will be a relatively unknown school that comes away with the upset.


posted on 03/21/2010

kansas was beat by Northren Iowa yesterday in a stunning sweep. What happened!?! what was the issue with Kansas's play! where was the intensity! I DEMAND ANSWERS! lol.

people everywhere are tearing up their brackets as the number one overall seed was decimated.Personally via my ESPN tournament bracket, i had 220 points for the first round putting me in the top 80th percentile, then Kansas's loss put me in 45%.


posted on 03/15/2010
March madness is finally here! who will win, who will lose, the question is all up to fate at this point. Will Kansas pull off a sweet of all the final four, or will Kentucky pull off an upset! whos going to win is the question!


posted on 03/09/2010

In recent events, Duke shut down UNC hard, so because of that do you think that Kentucky deserves the chance to be the winners of the final four? If UNC can lose to Duke, and Kentucky can beat Duke, then whos to say that Kentucky doesnt all but have this wrapped up? My thoughts are that if Kentucky keeps playing the way they have been recently, then they have a clear title win in their grasp, its all but up to them not to choke. It all comes down to who wants it more, and i think the Jayhawks want it pretty bad.

After all if they got into the final 4 last year, im pretty confident they'll repeat because they only lost a few players due to seniority. but as long as they keep their defense up strong, they wont have to worry too much about games. 


posted on 03/06/2010

So after watching the Cavs play for the last few weeks, and being a current Southern Cal Resident, I came to a few thoughts.

First LeBron is playing better than Kobe, and has more years left in the NBA than Kobe does.

Second Kobe has hit his peak 2-3 years ago. 

third LeBron has yet to reach his peak, and hes averaging 40 points a game. 

So the question is, would LeBron be a better fit for the Lakers at this point, because of his natural leadership qualities and abilities to score mass amounts of points, would the Ron Artest / Gasol / James Combo be as leathal as the Kobe-Artest-Gasol combo.. Thoughts?