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12 June 2010

The Big 10 officially added Nebraska, making their conference 12 teams strong.  They can now have a titile game. Altough they say they are not in a hurry but will continue to expand the conference.  The Mountain West raised their number to 10 when Boise State announced joining yesterday.  They could have a championship game if they wanted to.  But, it's a lot easier with 12 or more schools.  So,  I don't think the Mountain West is done adding teams. 

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10 June 2010

USC was put on probation today.  They must forfeit all games in 2004 and 2005, including the National title win over Oklahoma.  Does that mean that Okalhoma wins another title?  Very interesting.

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5 February 2010

The Sooners had another stellar year in recruiting.  They rank between 5 and 7 on most draft boards.  They added some help for next year and smooth transition in the following years.  OU had injury problems and overall did not reach expectations.  Injuries can have a silver lining the following year because players have gained experience.  Let's look at what signing day has to offer the University of Oklahoma.

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14 January 2010

The Boise State Broncos unjustifiably finished the 2009-2010 football season ranked number four in The Associated Press Top-25 Poll.


The Broncos (14-0) cemented their asinine fourth-place ranking after they defeated the Texas Christian University (TCU) Horned Frogs (12-1) 17-10 in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl on January 4.

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13 December 2009

     How many Saints’ fans wrote off the Saints when Washington lined up their game-clinching 23-yard field goal? This year’ s “ Finish” mentality has produced the franchise’s best season start ever, not to mention the team’s most unbelievable victory in 43 years Sunday. Previous season mottos never produced the results that the ’ 09 slogan has. Big Daddy wonders if the Saints brought in Tiger Woods to demonstrate how awesome happy endings feel? Tiger always benefits from coming hard at the end both on and off the course. If it works for Saints fans for the next 13 years, the Superdome staff will have lots of new banners to hang. Seriously, Big Daddy wants Saints fans to understand the significance of a team that wins games they should lose. Haven’ t we suffered the downside of that equation for far too long? Hell yeah! But now its our time! In this edition of the

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8 December 2009

A more simple way to do the playoff system would be to have to win your conference.  That would be 11 teams.

So, 6 would play in round one, producing 3 winners to face 5 other teams in round 2.

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Every conference winner gets in.  conference---team--bcs rank

ACC--Georgia Tech  9

Big 12--Texas  2

Big East--Cincinnati  3

Big 10--Ohio St  8

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29 November 2009

1--TEXAS   9808             should stay #1 with a win over nebraska

2--TCU     9804           will fall due to no game next week

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24 November 2009

The University of Kansas confirmed last week that they are investigating the obese head coach of their college football team, Mark Mangino, due to allegations that he has emotionally and verbally abused players during his tenure in Lawrence.

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15 November 2009

1--TCU  .9767    not having a conf champ game will hurt them

2--TEXAS .9744

3--ALABAMA .9737

3--FLORDIA .9737    sec champ is another day closer

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9 November 2009

1--Texas     .971

1--TCU       .971

3--ALABAMA .970

4--FLORIDA .968


6--BOISE ST .957

7--GA TECH .941

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26 October 2009

Top 25 Oct 26

1--ALABAMA  51

2--IOWA  48

3--TCU  43


5--TEXAS 40


7--GA TECH 37

8--BOISE ST 36

9--PITT 34

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16 October 2009

In an amazing display of terrible, brutal football my team is winless.  It's not like I'm knocking on the door or even pretending to be in close games.  I am BAD.  Brutal.  TERRIBLE.  I feel like the classic winless Bucs, not the Lions of last year.. the team that was so brutal when they asked their head coach, "What do you think of your team's execution?"  He replied, "I'm all for it."  That's how I feel with big name, little production players like Colt McCoy, Julio Jones, and Regis Benn leading the charge.  These guys are stiffs right now, Benn can't find the end zone with a map.  The last time Julio Jones scored gas was under $1.20 a gallon and the internet hadn't been invented yet. 

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15 October 2009

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish will host the University of Southern California (USC) Trojans Saturday afternoon in South Bend.


Notre Dame (4-1) currently has a seven-game losing streak to USC (4-1) and they have been humiliated by the Trojans in their last two contests by a combined score of 76-3.

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11 October 2009

Here is this week's top 25 with the points they have accumulated so far.  The most recent game has the most weight and some teams have played more games than others, giving them more points.  But, in the end, it will turn out good.

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4 October 2009

It is still early, but here is the top 25.  The system is purely based on wins and losses at the time of victory or defeat.

1--LSU 23

2--IOWA 22


3--AUBURN 20

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28 September 2009

I haven't really written much lately because I've been pretty busy.. of course, that doesn't mean I don't think about football.

1.  Chris Spielman is awesome.  No nonsense, says what he thinks and how he feels.  He expects players to make plays, I wonder if he would ever want to coach.  If so, you've got to give him an interview.. at least.  I guarantee his team would have instant toughness and not hurt themselves.  There are some mid-major programs that could use this guy.

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12 September 2009

Fresno State +8.5 vs. Wisconsin.  (Wisconsin had over 30 people sick with a 2 day flu bug and only beat Northern Illinois by 8.  Fresno State is a better opponent and is not afraid of playing big competition.  Ryan Mathews can run the ball all day and Fresno will play tough enough defense against the Badgers)

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9 September 2009






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6 September 2009

So, I don't know if you heard about this new emphasis that college football is placing during games.  It's apparently geared towards stopping hitting of "defenseless" players and head-hunting.  Well, apparently this rule is awful.  I mean, TERRIBLE.  In case you weren't watching the Georgia vs. Oklahoma State game this bad rule came into full effect.  Georgia S Rashard Jones delivered a picture perfect shoulder first hit into a receiver going for the ball, doing what Jones was taught to do.  NOT LET THE OPPONENT CATCH THE BALL.  Amazingly, every ref and 30,000 people in the stands threw their flags onto the field.  It looked like litter out there, absolute trash. 

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4 September 2009

So, I forgot to post 1 big time winner last night.  I was all over the Oregon/Boise State under and the Utah/Utah State over.  Hammered the under for a win, lost a little bit on the Utah spread and pushed on the total.  Figured they could cover 21 against a bad, bad Utah State team, but it apparently wasn't meant to be.  I'm a tad frustrated by that loss, but I've got one for tonight.  Friday Night High School Football night has a line up; not for high school but for that slugfest down south.  High powered Tulsa vs. ground ready Tulane and you know where I am going.  Under 62, all day long.  Tulsa isn't starting Paul Smith anymore, they were embarrassed their last time out.  Tulane runs right, runs left, runs right and left and they are going to try to keep the ball out of Tulsa's hands.  Eat the clock and score some points that way, baby.  Slow down the temp and make them earn the win. 

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I was listening to ESPN radio when one of the guys, Steve Mason, spoke about a video on the internet that had him rollin'.  I was pretty interested in finding the video and when I did I was shocked, but I had to laugh also.  The tv show Family Guy did its portrayal of Michael Vick and his crime in a short clip from the show.  I am going to stop talking and just show the video:

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College football kicked off last night with offensive powerhouse Boise State going up against an equally dangerous offensive team in Oregon.  Everybody expected this game to be in the high 20's or maybe the low 30's; however, the game transformed into a defensive battle making it less entertaining.  The game featured only 27 points combined with the final score being Oregon 8 and Boise State 19.  The real "entertainment", I use that term loosely, came at the end of the game when Oregon RB, LeGarrette Blount punched Boise State's Byron Hout in the face after Hout allegedly taunted him.  You can see the punch below at this address:

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1 September 2009

"My parents drove all the way down from Michigan to see me play the game. And did I cry?... " said Jimmy Dugan. Huh? Jimmy Dugan? Who is Jimmy Dugan? Come on don't be embarrassed, you know who he is!

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29 August 2009

So, rumor has it online sports betting used to be really sweet; I heard pinnaclesports was an excellent, reputable site until the US cracked down on this alleged integrity issue.  An article I read points to a 1999 study that over $380 billion is illegally wagered on betting.  Now, I am not an advocate of; well, if society does it.. then it must be right.  Because usually, I think people are pretty stupid, especially society.  However, this seems harmless to me because the money can be used in so many ways.  Think of all the tax money and money, in general, the state and the US can collect, insane.  Anyway, it appears sports betting is only allowed in several states where it was legal before a certain law was passed.

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21 August 2009

Hey, who is the best at predicting college football games?  Is it you?  Let's find out.  Check with me on the blogs often for daily and weekly football predictions.  I will post some games and you pick who you think will win.  I will list spread.  You simply reply back and I will try and sort it out and post results as the year goes on.   Let's start with our preseason prediction for champion.

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8 August 2009

Psst -- looking for the inside scoop and juicy details about Lobo football?

Well, good luck with that! In the meantime, four guys -- who rightly or wrongly probably consider themselves experts on the University of New Mexico program -- crammed into Van Tate's KRQE-TV workplace in Albuquerque to talk about first-year coach Mike Locksley and the gang.

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6 August 2009

Fedor is a Yellow-Bellied Coward

Strikeforce announced that World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts (WAMMA) Heavyweight Champion, Fedor Emelianenko, signed a multi-fight agreement to fight for their promotion Monday.

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24 July 2009

For the first time in fifty years Vanderbilt football will enter the season finishing with a bowl victory. Previously the Dores hadn't even been to a bowl since the 1982 Hall of Fame bowl in which van

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8 July 2009









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27 June 2009

K'Waun Williams from St. Joseph's in Montvale, NJ has orally committed to the University of Pittsburgh.  His commitment is listed as a solid verbal.  He is a defensive back and also played wide receiver during his junior season.

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26 June 2009

Syracuse was 3-9 last year overall and 1-6 in the Big East.  Their only victory came against Louisville for the second straight year.  The Orange will be much more competitive and will have the oppurtunity for some big upsets this year.  Do not expect Marrone to let this team roll over and die.

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25 June 2009

The 2010 Pitt class is gaining members rapidly.  Just two days after TJ Clemmings verbal commitment, a wide receiver from Harrisburg has chosen to join the Panthers.  It appears as if now seems to be the prime time for Wannstedt to pick up as many recruits as possible.  Hopefully, there are still quite a few five star players that we may have to wait until February for a commitment.

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24 June 2009

Pat White, LeSean McCoy, Donald Brown, and other Big East standouts will all be playing on Sundays this year.  This is bad news for people who want the Big East to break out and prove their BCS status.  Or is it?  Despite losing a lot of proven talent, the league may be looking at one of the most interesting seasons in it's short history.

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True to his word, head coach Dave Wannstedt, has locked up a big time recruit.  TJ Clemmings is a standout star from Paterson Catholic in New Jersey.  After the slow start to the recruiting season, Wannstedt said he expected more commitments coming in with some camps they have coming up.

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15 June 2009

Last week, the NCAA gave Alabama a slap on the wrist, giving them three years of probation due to athletes improperly using their textbook benefits. The national media gave the story a bit of play, but it was largely ignored. The talk radio hosts in Columbia, however, latched onto this story immediately. One station talked about the story for roughly five hours on the day the probation was handed down by the NCAA. You would have thought that Alabama had committed a major infraction, rather than just the selling of textbooks. The hosts repeatedly called for scholarship losses.

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14 June 2009

Over the last two years America has slowly sunk into an economic mess. People are losing their jobs, their homes, and their self-esteem as they find it harder and harder to make ends meet. It appears however that not everybody is suffering. As college educated people lose jobs they've held for years, and recent college graduates struggle to find any job at all, there are some signing on the dotted line for millions that haven't earned a dime of what they are being given. America's two largest, and most arguably most popular, professional sports leagues are doing nothing to curtail ballooning salaries for top rated rookies who haven't even set foot on the field to prove they are worthy of a contract.

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2 June 2009

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21 May 2009

Obama’s Speech Wasn’t Controversial. But, Charlie Weiss’ Coaching Is

Amidst great controversy regarding his support for abortion rights, United States President Barack Hussein Obama II presented the commencement speech at the University of Notre Dame last week.

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1 May 2009

It seems that John Swofford, the coordinator of the BCS did not really enjoy his time in front of Congress as some of them did not have kind words for him. Many things such as BS instead of BCS came out of their mouths fueling the fire what many college football fans are feeling about this system that we have to pick a National Champion. For the longest time I was for a playoff format, but I have thought a lot about it and I do agree a little bit with John Swofford, but not totally.

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28 February 2009

          Who should be the preseason number one for the upcoming NCAA football campaign, you ask? Look no further than the defending champs themselves. The Florida Gators are stacked again on both sides of the ball, and Urban Meyer seems to just now be hitting his coaching stride. So it may very well be a long couple of years for, not only the SEC but, the entire field of football powerhouses.

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5 February 2009

Utah did not lose a single game. They made a mockery out of Alabama (a former no.1) and what do they have to show for it? A mediocore recruiting class and a Sugar Bowl trophy. Utah and the Boise State team of a few years back, could have been even greater stories if there was a college football playoff. Obviously momentum plays a huge role in sports and with a team that never lost a game, how can one say that they would not win the National Championship?

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14 January 2009

Pinch me, I’m dreaming.

Mid-season, as it became more and more evident that my alma mater, the University of Florida, might be granted another shot at a title, my illustrious travel companion, the Don Calvino, booked a hotel room on South Beach in preparation for the festivities.  The rooms on the beach are closet-like, making a Parisian domicile look spacious by comparison, but we didn’t plan on spending much time there as Mango’s, a South Beach staple, was within stumbling distance.

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13 January 2009

Will NCAA D1 football get a playoff system?

For me, it's not about the money.

The money that schools and bowls make off of the games isn't relevant for me in any way. I make the journey to Auburn once a year (if I'm lucky), and I fork out the money for the overpriced nose-bleed seats. Sure, I'll buy a pricey hot-dog and soda, but that's about the extent of my monetary investment into the sport. The rest of the season I kick back on the couch and watch from the heated comfort of my home, and I doubt I will ever make that expensive post-season ticket purchase (unless my Tigers go to Nashville, or somewhere like that). 

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11 January 2009

Now that the college football season for 2008 has passed, the speculation begins of whether the BCS provided the country with a true national champion? Should there be a playoff? Who should be number one? Florida, Texas, USC or Utah? What conference is over rated due to their bowl record? Should Ohio State get another chance next year to go to a BCS bowl game and lose? Should the MAC champion University of Buffalo have gone to a better bowl than the first ever International Bowl in Toronto? Who will have the best recruiting class next year? What team should be the preseason number one ranked team? Will Tim Tebow jump into the NFL draft?

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6 January 2009

OK, so here I am all pumped up and ready to watch another Ohio State blowout! I mean how many years does Ohio State have to be puplicly exposed, until it is finally admitted that they are one of the most overrated teams in college football? So I am admitting that I am not a Buckeye fan, or a fan of the Big 10, and as a fan from a non BCS conference (WAC), I am tired of being told over and over again what a great team Ohio State is and then witnessing that once they step outside of their conference and play a good team, they get exposed. The past 2 bowl games were embarrassing for them and then USC's pummelling of them earlier this season just made me disgusted and at the same time, excited that we were going to witness it again last night in the Fiesta Bowl. I watched the game with high expectations of the Texas Longhorns, the team many were saying should be #1 and playing in the national title game on Thursday.

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21 December 2008

Dan Hawkins Letter to Santa

Reyns Gems

Image Courtesy of CU Athletics

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17 December 2008

Webster's dictonary defines tradition as:

"1 a: an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior (as a religious practice or a social custom) b: a belief or story or a body of beliefs or stories relating to the past that are commonly accepted as historical though not verifiable2: the handing down of information, beliefs, and customs by word of mouth or by example from one generation to another without written instruction3: cultural continuity in social attitudes, customs, and institutions4: characteristic manner, method, or style."

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14 December 2008

In news that has thrilled college football fans all around the southeast, Auburn is set to introduce Gene Chizik as the new head coach of their tackle football team tomorrow. Ironically, most of the inspired populace reside outside of Opelika.

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12 December 2008

And the Heisman goes to...............Jay Jacobs.Can you imagine a funnier holiday movie than the one showing right now on the plains in Auburn? I've always considered A Christmas Story the greatest Christmas movie ever. Nothing gets me in the spirit like the scene with the Chinese waiters singing to the Parker family, "Deck the haws wit bows of horry, ra ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra." (image IMDb)

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11 December 2008

As Bulldog fans finalize their Christmas lists and UGA students complete their fall semester coursework, QB Matt Stafford and TB Knowshon Moreno prepare for a final exam of a different variety; one that will impact both players and fans alike.

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9 December 2008

Stop. Listen closely.......You can actually hear Tommy Tuberville grinning as he sits on a lake somewhere outside of Opelika. Once he reels the bait in, there's a pause....recast......plop! And then another grin.

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So, after last night all of the bowl match ups are set and it's time to go bowling.  For better or for worse.  Our National championship game was predicted weeks ago (predicated on The Gators beating the Tide).  So it's final, Florida VS Oklahoma - January 8th at 7PM E on FOX.  Later we'll get into the BCS as it currently stands versus an ever more popular idea of a National Playoff System.  Until then, here is a complete list of all upcoming bowl games:

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It was an up-and-down year to say the least for the Georgia Bulldogs. After whipping Hawaii 48-10 in the Sugar Bowl in January, fans could smell that glass football, and a trip to Miami. Well, at least we had the right state, only we ended up a few hundred miles north of where we wanted to be. Orlando, Florida, the site of the Capitol One Citrus Bowl, is where the Dawgs will face off against the Michigan State Spartans. But one might wonder, "How did the Georgia Bulldogs end up in Orlando?"

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8 December 2008

 Yesterday night, this year's lineup of bowl games was released. As far as the BCS matchups go, there were really no surprises: Utah vs. Alabama in the Sugar, OSU vs. Texas in the Fiesta, Penn State vs. USC in the Rose, Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech in the Orange, and, of course, Florida vs. Oklahoma in the title game.

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Wilson is a star.....but Tebow is a legend.

Turns out the only thing that kept Alabama from yet another SEC championship was a decision a teenager made some 3 years ago. The Crimson Tide stood toe to toe with the best team in the country and absorbed blow after blow with counter-punch after counter-punch. It was a game you could sense was being taped for replay as an instant classic. The drama was thick. The star players lined each sideline hoping to build upon already impressive resumes that would rest comfortably in the hands of most NFL GMs.

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I don’t really want to talk about that three-letter curse word, But Cause Stupidity has to prevail, it will be discussed.

 Now I love college football with a passion.  It’s the only team sport I love where I don’t have an unquestionable favorite team.  Sure there are teams I pull for and they are PLENTY of teams I don’t like, but there is no true king. 

Posted by Matt Mavridis |

     The votes have been tabulated. The computers have crunched the numbers. The craziness that is the NCAA college football regular season is over and the bowl match-ups have been chosen.

Posted by John Barfield |

5 December 2008

It was bound to happen....

As coaches' salaries in the SEC have escalated, evidently the expectations are following suit. Two coaching legends and one 2007 SEC Coach of the Year have been fired, resigned or forced out (whatever you choose to believe) as this season has come to a close. The latest, Tuberville "shocked" his AD Jay Jacobs by stepping down for the good of his family and the good of the War Eagle. Shocked you say...?? We're not stoopid Auburn. Ol' Big Ears was fired, you the 21st century meaning of the word fired. It sounds like the talks with Jacobs broke down when Tuberville asked the AD if he was his coach. When the response was a less than emphatic "You are for now", well.........Coach Tubs said he would play the Lowder Lottery, evidently to the tune of $5.1 million (although Auburn says the Tuberville check will come directly from university funds....wink, wink).

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4 December 2008

     What I am about to say here may sounds strange, or maybe not, but think about this solution to our BCS predicament.  This could clarify and validate the BCS selections, the National Title Game, provide some great excitement, set a precedent for that kind of excitement, and get the ball rolling toward a college football playoff.    

Posted by John Barfield |

3 December 2008

Alright Trojan fans it is going to be difficult but there is still a possibility that we get into the title game. First of all, lets be in the holiday spirit and be thankful for the gift Oregon gave us by defeating the beavers last weekend. Were now guaranteed a BCS bowl. Now with these conference championship games coming up, there still is a possibility we get into National Championship. We need Alabama to win to stay in title game because their BCS average is too high that if they lost they might remain above us in the standings. Now we need Missouri to win the Big 12 championship which is reach but still a possibility. If these two things happen, then will have to get real lucky and leapfrog Texas due to their season being over. It would be USC versus Alabama.

Posted by Steven Gutierrez |

2 December 2008

Despite many prognosticators enamorization with all things Gator, Saban will indeed bring his Crimson Tide into the Georgia Dome Saturday afternoon.

I'm not quite ready to predict the winner...but I will give a lean...

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Posted by Bernie | 1 comment the second best team in the state of Georgia. It's a good thing Georgia State's football team is still in the building phase......

Fans who had withstood dampened tailgates, wet sacks and eggless HamDogs were rewarded with a misleading first half and a lackluster, uninspiring second. I'll be glad in years to come when I can tell my daughters I was there when Larry Munson walked out onto the playing field for the first time during a game and I stood to tip my hat. And I'll be proud to also tell them that I saw Mohammed Massaquoi nearly single handedly beat Tech with a stellar performance in his last game in Sanford.

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1 December 2008

It is the topic that no one can avoid or stop talking about. Despite a loss to them earlier in the year on a neutral field, Oklahoma gains a trip to the Big 12 Championship Game as well as a probable spot in the BCS Championship Game over the rival Texas Longhorns. The BCS did exactly what it was supposed to do. It chose the better team. Problem is, thats not exactly fair.

Posted by Dennis Henle Jr |

30 November 2008

Anybody who expects me to believe that the BCS system is fair is freaking insane! The BCS is suppose to be the "Great Equalizer" for teams who face tougher schedules. The problem is, it doesn't help them. In fact, it hurts them. The reason I say that is because a team like USC can go out and run up the score against a weak team like Washington, while a team like Georgia or Texas goes out and beats a really tough team by 10 or 14, and USC gets "style points" while a team like Georgia or Texas really doesn't get a whole lot of love. Notice that Texas had to play 4 consecutive games against top 10 teams, while USC, Penn State, and Ohio State combined didn't even play that many top 10 teams. And then you've got Texas Tech, whose schedule was just as brutal. They aren't even going to be in a BCS game because of the way the system is set up. Only two teams per conference are allowed in BCS games.

Posted by Ben |

     So here we are. One week before the end of the NCAA Football regular season the BCS has already claimed a victim. As Oklahoma leapfrogged the University of Texas to claim the number 2 spot in the BCS, Longhorn fans have gone looking for a nice padded room.

Posted by John Barfield |

The last image I had in my mind when I went to bed last night was Sam Bradford’s smug face placating my television screen. His careless and UN-Interested demeanor just added to my frustration over Oklahoma’s 61-41 victory Saturday night.

Posted by Dayne Duranti |

Shonn Greene for the Heisman!  Is anyone with me?  Ok, I won't get that extreme, because I, along with other knowledgable college football fans, know that Sam Bradford should run away with the award.  Bradford's TD/Int Ratio has him as the front-runner for the Heisman, not to mention the fact that he's on a championship contending team.  It seems like that is the only thing voters are going to be caring to look for this year.  As I believe that Bradford should win, I believe that he is the only player who should be ahead of Shonn Greene.

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29 November 2008

Besides bragging rights, a lot was riding on this in-state rivalry for the Georgia Bulldogs. A win would put them in a good position as far as the BCS was concerned. A loss would almost certainly knock them out of the running for a BCS berth.

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28 November 2008

Here are 5 very bizarre, very real sports. The first two you've probably heard of, as they are Olympic sports. And some of these, you've probably actually played. Like this one:

5. Table Tennis: Also known as ping-pong, this sport is a Chinese tradition, and was introduced to the Olympics in summer of 2008. As you can probably guess, the Chinese won the gold in the event.

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27 November 2008

I'd like to take a few moments to discuss the five most intriguing professional sports. These sports give us something to live for at times. The top 5 will be based off of the skill it takes to play these sports, how much guts are involved in these sports, and the excitement they bring to the table.

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The turkey's about to come out of the oven and the rolls are ready to go in. I hope you save room for some pumpkin pie to go with your choice of football this afternoon. Texas A&M at Texas kicks off a busy three days of rivalries tonight after an NFL slate that seems less than appetizing. I've selected a smattering of games to focus on. Before the weekend is over we'll know if Bamacan break off Tuberville's seventh finger before he raises it with the other six. And we'll know if the Jackets really do won't a win over the Dawgs more than anything else.

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26 November 2008

Seasons Greetings!!!!

     I am giving you a gift in this holiday season. Over the next few weeks most of us will spend our time meeting and greeting, traveling and shopping, and stuffing and laughing - so I thought that I would share one of my favorite pastimes, ogling and drooling.

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25 November 2008

As I basked in the glory of the Iowa slaughtering of Minnesota in the last Golden Gopher football game in the Metrodome, I could not help but think about the severe disadvantage Iowa will probably have against whatever opponent it faces in a bowl game. The Hawkeyes will have no live football action from November 22 until, in all likelihood, December 27 (I project them going to the Champs Sports Bowl). This is a problem that faces not only the Iowa Hawkeyes, but every football team in the Big Ten that plays in a bowl game. This could be one of the reasons that the Big Ten has not had a winning bowl season since 2002 and since that year have compiled a record of 14-22. I understand that there are other factors that have led to that record, but there is no doubt this is a severe disadvantage.

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This is an ongoing record of the funniest sport quotes from the major and local sports talk shows like ATH, PTI, Jim Rome, etc.  Feel free to contribute some of you own from TV and radio or comment on the ones you see here. Your new quotes will be integrated daily as part of the ongoing record.  To post a quote or make a comment just follow the comment link at the bottom.

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24 November 2008

Please stand by......the State of the BullDawg Nation address will commence shortly.

If everyone will take their seat we can get started, it's gonna be a busy start to an important week. While we wait for Bernie to take the podium, let's take some time to go over a few announcements. Can you hear me in the back? ...... Good.  

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     No one is saying it. The networks and big newspapers love to ignore the WAC, Mountain West, and others as if they were a conservative Republican with no charisma. In my area, for example, the Utah-BYU game was not even on television. A game between two top 20 teams was unavailable. A game that would determine one of the schools in the BCS this season was a no-show.

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23 November 2008

I am Jack’s hemorrhaging Larynx.


I spent most of last evening screaming at the television until the late hours. I woke up this morning and continued to scream at the television. I am pretty sure that I screamed in my sleep as well.

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Everybody loves the underdog, who doesn't get an adrenline rush at the end of Hoosiers and Remember the Titans.  When you get into championship high school sports, the playoffs, there seems to be a group of schools and leagues that year in and year out compete for the Section/State Title. In Division V football in Central California the teams from the Greater Modesto Area have dominated the Section for the past armful of years.  Particularly Central Catholic and Escalon High Schools.  There are both the one constant. 

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 Its Sunday morning and Texas Tech is still trying to digest a healthy dose of reality. Boomer-Sonner indeed. I guess we'll find out later today what the voters think. For now let's see how Bernie did in his advisement.  

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    22 November 2008

    The AP is reporting that LSU has offered Houston Nutt its head coaching position left vacant by a vacant-headed Les Miles shortly following this afternoon's beatdown in Death Valley.

     Bernie's Dawg Blawg has learned that there is no truth to this report. It's sources say that Miles was NOT seen cuddled up in a corner mumbling about his "Damn fine football team" and consequently did NOT tender his resignation on the back of a Steak 'n Shake napkin.

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    It's Saturday morning and the Dawgs are facing a bye week, Ohio State is facing Meeechigan and JoePa is trying to earn a trip to sunny California. Looking for some insight ...... or just a reason to laugh. Look no further my friend. Prepare to scroll and please pass the hot chocolate.

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    There is a war being waged as we speak.


    It is a war that is dividing the South once again. This war knows no mercy, and this war does not care who is in its way, it is tearing through our institutions of higher learning and leaving no survivors. It is a proud war, fought for noble causes and in the end; the victory would be the sweetest of all.

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    20 November 2008

         As we do each week, we are providing fantasy football players with the best information in the most interesting format possible. So, enjoy your viewing of this video that is sure to bring you what you need and remind you of things that you want.

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    19 November 2008

         The BCS system, a playoff, the pre-BCS system, oh the debates! So lets turn the tables on the BCS minus the C.

         In this era of confusion, befuddlement, and Obama's "Spread the wealth around" mantra, I thought it would be fun to spread some myself. Since the major networks control political elections,the polls, and BCS process as well, let's turn the tables. So I offer an alternative BCS-the Broadcaster Championship Series. Let's see if they like a little of their own, poorly funded and can't get a necessary surgery for years, medicine.

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    17 November 2008

    The weekend sports started off real well, Calaveras dropped Bret Harte to sew up 2nd place in the MLL.  The Redskins will travel to Escalon on Friday to take on the powerful TVL Champion Cougars.  It will be a tough battle for the Redskins, but you every once in a while David takes out Goliath.  The first key is for the players and team to approach the week with the idea that this is what we need to be successful and not focus on anything else.  The coaches will put together a game plan that will give the players a chance to win.  The players needs to trust the coaches and focus on executing the game plan. The focus is not to win, but to execute and when you prepare correctly and execute, the winning will take care of itself.

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    I love Alabama Crimson Tide Football. I love everything about the program, the proud heritage and the lifestyle. The stone fisted blows struck by Paul “Bear” Bryant still echo through every acre of Tuscaloosa to this day. You would be hard pressed to find a school, a town, or a culture that loves their team more than the University of Alabama.

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           With a few weeks left to go the college football regular season, let's start some of the BCS debates prematurely.

    The Big 12 

    If the Oklahoma Sooners beat the Texas Tech Red Raiders, then the triumverate that is Texas, Oklahoma, and Texas Tech will be tied. The leader at that point in the BCS standings will be granted a trip to the Big 12 Championship game. So, who should go? The experts have basically said that, in that situation, the choices will be Texas or Oklahoma.

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    10 November 2008

    We have all been there.

    If you’re a college football fan and you bleed your school colors, then you’ve experienced it.  You’ve painted your face.  You’ve worn your lucky shirt, shorts and undergarments on game day.  Your superstitions have become routine.  You’ve tailgated from daybreak to sundown and beyond.  You have eaten and drank excessively in celebration.  You have hugged and high-fived your friends with every score.  You have lived and died with your team.  Your allegiance is unquestioned and unparalleled.  You’ve celebrated the thrill of victory with your team so passionately, it was as if you were on the field in uniform.

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    9 November 2008

        LOOKOUT!!!! Controversy is on the horizon for the BCS. Of course, we have seen these things before. Debates have consumed this preposterous program since its inception. Ohio State, USC, are all a part of its dubious history.

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    4 November 2008

    Welcome one and all to my very first blog.  I will be blogging about BYU football, college football in general, and other sports that I like.  Unfortunately, my home town teams are the San Francisco 49ers, the San Francisco Giants, and the Sacramento Kings, all of which are performing very poorly these days, so I may not have a lot of good to say about them. 

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    2 November 2008

    In the past week, we have ended the 2008 Major League Baseball Season, begun the 2008/2009 NBA Season, ended a 33 year streak of Bowl Appearances by Michigan, ended the Calaveras Redskins string of MLL Championships and started the second half of the NFL Season. 

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    28 October 2008

    What's up football fans?  Get ready for another high scoring week in Big 12 football, the deepest and most talented football conference in the country.  This is my first blog entry, so I thought I would start with my predictions for this upcoming week.  Just so ya know, I was born a Nebraska Cornhusker fan, so my favoritism towards the Huskers and disgust towards it's Big 12 competitors may show in my picks.

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    25 October 2008

    It’s an intriguing weekend in the Big Ten this week, as all five underdogs are at home.  That is quite the rare feat, and we know that somebody is going to jump up and pull off an upset at home.  So , which team will actually defend its home turf?  I’m going with Michigan, despite the fact they haven’t been doing such a great job of winning at home so far this year.  The three home losses this year have me thinking that the home-field advantage is less of a factor than is the Spartans’ one-dimensional offense.  Michigan’s three poor defensive performances have come against Brian Johnson, Juice Williams, and Daryll Clark.  Brian Hoyer is not on that level, and the Michigan front seven should be able to gang up on Javon Ringer and keep itself off the field.Otherwise, the other four road favorites should have enough in their arsenal to get wins.  That includes Penn State, who is capable of making a big statement in the de facto Big Ten Championship.  The offense hasn’t been slowed yet this year, and the Buckeyes will only be able to keep them in check for so long.

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    14 August 2008

    A big thanks to everyone who participated in the "Inbound Link Contest".  We have a winner!  A big congratulations go out to Marija.  Thank you for all your hard work on this.  While we had a lot of people participate, Marija was able to win with only 4 links!  So it wouldn't have taken a lot to win this contest!  We'll be having another contest soon so stay tuned.

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    3 August 2008

    Well the Coaches have spoken and they tabbed the Georgia Bulldogs as the best team in College Football right now, but we know that can all change in one game. The Bulldogs had an impressive season last year and are bringing back many of their top stars from last year. They will be tough, but playing in the SEC is also very tough as well.

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    20 July 2008

    The Sunshine State has long been a hotbed for college football. With an abundance of high school talent leaving for college every year, Florida schools have their pick of the litter of some of the nation’s best athletes. For as long as anyone can remember, at least one of the big three (Florida, Florida State and Miami) has been a factor in the national championship picture. In the past ten years, all three of these schools have won national titles: Florida State in 1999, Miami in 2001 and Florida in 2006.

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    17 July 2008

    To try and motivate our bloggers to get inbound links we're going to have a contest to see which blogger can get the most inbound links to their blog. The contest begins now and ends July 31st, 2008. To be entered in to the contest all you have to do is go out and get as many websites to link to your blog as you can and at the end of the month send us an email listing all those links. All links must be active from August 1st through August 7th when we'll be judging the entries - a winner will be announced on August 7th. All entry emails must be received by Midnight on July 31st, 2008. You can email them to

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    30 April 2008

    Once again the lords of college football have flipped the bird at fans of the sport, rejecting a proposed four-team playoff to start in the 2010 season.  I suppose fans should take heart that a proposal was even discussed at all--that it even hit the table at all is perhaps the biggest step towards actually determining a true college football champion since the implementation of the BCS system.

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    20 April 2008

    This is clearly a case of sour grapes but an interesting angle to go after the BCS.

    First let's look at these intrepid lawmakers and what interests they could have in what the hell the NCAA does with its championship formula.

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