28 February 2010

There have been very few sports organizations that seem to place themselves in positions that make their fans happy. Today, a decision the NHL made quite some time ago, manifested into something special. Luck, a large stage, and superior talent has more than likely added to the fan-ship of the league.

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16 January 2010

Here we are at the second week of the NFL playoffs again, which brings up the same question every year.  Is it better for teams that have clinched first-round byes and playoff seeds to rest their players at the end of the regular season, or play them to keep on a roll going into the playoffs?  Lets look at both sides of the issue.

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15 January 2010

Heisman runner-up Toby Gerhart will leave Stanford for the prospects of the upcoming NFL Draft.  He had one year of remaining eligibility due to an injury-shortened 2007.  Many Stanford fans had hoped he might return to play one last year with outstanding freshman quarterback Andrew Luck, possibly building on the success the team had this past season.  Although his decision might not be the most popular, it was the right one for him to make for several reasons.

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16 November 2009

There is a first time for everything; people typically say this after something downright amazing happens.  I've also heard of this being used on pick up lines many times while dominating the drinking establishments in Madison, Wisconsin.  Typically; your Average Joe with a nobody name and even less game will launch it out there to a fine East Coast hunny.  "I don't leave the bars without my friends," or "I don't like guys that play World of Warcraft for 12 hours straight."  Person X that just got dissed/rejected gets a smirk and offers, "Well, there's a first time for everything."  Don't lie; you've used it yourself or know somebody that has.  This is one of those cases; something amazing happens.  I'm not getting rejected, but I am posting a rewind from the past week.. yes, ladies and gentlemen.  Much like when communist Russia fell.. The Buccaneers got an NFL win this season.. there is a 1st time for everything!

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13 November 2009

This is a joke.  The NFL just fined Chad Ochocinco $20,000 for a fake bribe that he offered a ref on a play review.  He did it openly and with $1; if you want to fine him okay.  I am cool with that, but $20,000?  Honestly? 

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6 September 2009

So, I don't know if you heard about this new emphasis that college football is placing during games.  It's apparently geared towards stopping hitting of "defenseless" players and head-hunting.  Well, apparently this rule is awful.  I mean, TERRIBLE.  In case you weren't watching the Georgia vs. Oklahoma State game this bad rule came into full effect.  Georgia S Rashard Jones delivered a picture perfect shoulder first hit into a receiver going for the ball, doing what Jones was taught to do.  NOT LET THE OPPONENT CATCH THE BALL.  Amazingly, every ref and 30,000 people in the stands threw their flags onto the field.  It looked like litter out there, absolute trash. 

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6-3 posting right now on this forum, for those of you keeping track at home that is more wins than losses, and I am pretty darn happy with that.  I would like to thank centsports for taking care of business for me, and allowing me to enjoy the college football season even a little bit more than I normally would.  Looks like there are a few more games on Labor Day Monday.. Rutgers will battle Cincy and Miami Fl takes on the tomahawk chop, Florida State.  Not 100% sure on which way I am going to go with these games, I have a feeling I'll be pulling the trigger on the under in the Rutgers game.

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4 September 2009

I know these 3 clips have nothing to do with sports, but I thought that it would be entertaining because all you need to do is laugh sometimes.  I will probably post 3 videos every so often so stay tuned, I guess:

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I was listening to ESPN radio when one of the guys, Steve Mason, spoke about a video on the internet that had him rollin'.  I was pretty interested in finding the video and when I did I was shocked, but I had to laugh also.  The tv show Family Guy did its portrayal of Michael Vick and his crime in a short clip from the show.  I am going to stop talking and just show the video:

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College football kicked off last night with offensive powerhouse Boise State going up against an equally dangerous offensive team in Oregon.  Everybody expected this game to be in the high 20's or maybe the low 30's; however, the game transformed into a defensive battle making it less entertaining.  The game featured only 27 points combined with the final score being Oregon 8 and Boise State 19.  The real "entertainment", I use that term loosely, came at the end of the game when Oregon RB, LeGarrette Blount punched Boise State's Byron Hout in the face after Hout allegedly taunted him.  You can see the punch below at this address:

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3 September 2009

I understand that Shaquille O'neal is a man that transcends just the NBA, but watching him attempt to play against other athletes in their own sport is extremely difficult to swallow.  Watching Shaq attempt to swing a bat was like watching a baby giraffe trying to walk.  It was hard to watch yet I could not take my eyes off of it, like a car accident.  The 7'1" O'neill attempted to out-slug Albert Pujols, out-spike beach volleyball stars Misty May and Kerri Walsh, and out-throw Ben Roethlisberger, needless to say he could not out-do anybody at anything.  The show is a half hour too long and the hosts are extremely annoying.  The most important part of the show, the actual competition, takes place in the last fifteen minutles of the show making the first 45 minutes irrelevant.  Here are some short examples of the show from Youtube:

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29 August 2009

So, rumor has it online sports betting used to be really sweet; I heard pinnaclesports was an excellent, reputable site until the US cracked down on this alleged integrity issue.  An article I read points to a 1999 study that over $380 billion is illegally wagered on betting.  Now, I am not an advocate of; well, if society does it.. then it must be right.  Because usually, I think people are pretty stupid, especially society.  However, this seems harmless to me because the money can be used in so many ways.  Think of all the tax money and money, in general, the state and the US can collect, insane.  Anyway, it appears sports betting is only allowed in several states where it was legal before a certain law was passed.

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13 August 2009

         Ah, summer's end. The kids are getting ready for school, the Pirates are firmly ensconced in last place, and hurricane season is in full effect. Time for some pre-season football!

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27 July 2009

ESPN has an unknown segment on nearly every edition of Sportscenter called "The Favre Watch," which chronicles the ins and outs of Brett Favre's possible return to the NFL.  In Wisconsin, the fans don't even need ESPN because whether they are out camping or on the golf course having a few beers the Favre story finds them.  Inevitably, it throws off their golf game as they miss an easy putt or break their wedge in the sand and somehow it's Favre's fault.  And you know what?  I am sick and tired of all of this "Brett is losing a fan here" talk because Brett Favre doesn't care if you're not his fan anymore.  His only mission right now is to come back and stick it to Ted Thompson.  The same Ted Thompson that ran him out of Green Bay, the same Ted Thompson that wanted to put his mark on the roster.. the same Ted Thompson that has shrewdly put together an impressive roster.. so darn impressive that Green Bay rattled off 6 wins last year.  (I know, Favre can't stop the run.. Favre can't stop the pass.. Favre's not giving up 30 points a game.. Favre once won 4 games in a season.. but they were coming off a 13 win season.)

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26 July 2009

As long as everyone else is throwing in their two cents about disgraced NFL quarterback Michael Vick's next career move, I thought I should chime in because the answer is just common sense.

Mike -- can I call you Mike? -- this is what you should do: Forget about a return to pro football for 2009 and contact dog whisperer Cesar Millan about becoming his sidekick.

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21 June 2009

The word of the day is fanship. Fanship is the act or state of being a fan. I participate in fanship. You participate in fanship. We all participate in it. Personally, I participate in it in relation to different teams in different leagues. Among these are the Jacksonville Jaguars. I live in Jacksonville. There is much pride for the Big Cats and much scrutiny of them in this city. You’d be hard-pressed to hear me scrutinizing the jags. The jags will always be held dear to me. In fact I was a jaguars fan before I liked football. I began playing football in the 6th grade and was a fan since the 2nd. I remember people talking bad about the jags right before they fired Tom Coughlin. I stood up for the jaguars. I remember the hype about the new coaching change and the negative opinions of Del Rio. I stood up for him. I told them he would do a good job. And now even as I have grown, I carry the same mentality. When I’m at the mall, I can hear a stranger standing thirty feet away say something bad about the jaguars as he passes Football Fanatics and I will began to ball my fists up. Or when I’m at school and I see a Titans shirt, I began to grind my teeth. In fact, if you were to ask my friends, they’d say I tell non-jaguar fans to move out of Jacksonville. This is because I am a fan. If you’ve ever been a fan of anything in your life, you know this feeling. That is fanship.

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16 June 2009

You've seen it almost everyday for the past few years, Brett Favre this and Brett Favre that. Love him or hate him but it seems like everyone pays attention to his every move. Up until now I never und

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19 May 2009

During the 2008-2009 season, an encouraging pattern appeared.  The Steelers would start the game well, at some point fall behind, and in the 4th quarter, Big Ben would engineer a game winning drive.  This phenomena reared its head during the regular season, but in the biggest game of the year, Super Bowl XLIII.  Why is the leader of such a sub par offense (22nd in the league during the regular season) the engineer of so many come from behind wins? When examined, two major reasons can be found.

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11 May 2009

Coming off a super bowl victory last season, hopes couldn't be higher for the 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers, as they should be.  While the team is returning 20 out of 22 starters from that super bowl run (only losing Larry Foote and Bryant Mcfadden), things begin to look bleak as we look at the possible roster a year from now.  In 2010, the Steelers will have an alarming number of key players that will be free agents if these players do not re-sign.

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5 March 2009

How do you do it, Terrell Owens? 

How do you get booted off a team that hasn’t won a playoff game since 1996? 

How do you get cut from the team that gave Adam “Pacman” Jones another chance to screw up? 

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2 March 2009

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28 February 2009

As football fans across the globe cast their longing eyes in the direction of the April draft, I decided that now might be a good time to reflect on draft classes of the last 10 years. Too often in this business, we rush ahead to the next big event without taking pause to evaluate the past and learn from it. In a way, this study will still be a celebration of the coming 2009 draft as I believe it will shed some light on certain overlooked trends that no one ever stops to consider. I will begin with a class by class showdown of sorts at the quarterback position over the last 10 drafts.  This is part III in the series:

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27 February 2009

 As football fans across the globe cast their longing eyes in the direction of the April draft, I decided that now might be a good time to reflect on draft classes of the last 10 years. Too often in this business, we rush ahead to the next big event without taking pause to evaluate the past and learn from it. In a way, this study will still be a celebration of the coming 2009 draft as I believe it will shed some light on certain overlooked trends that no one ever stops to consider. I will begin with a class by class showdown of sorts at the quarterback position over the last 10 drafts.  This is part II in the series:

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26 February 2009

As football fans across the globe cast their longing eyes in the direction of the April draft, I decided that now might be a good time to reflect on draft classes of the last 10 years. Too often in this business, we rush ahead to the next big event without taking pause to evaluate the past and learn from it. In a way, this study will still be a celebration of the coming 2009 draft as I believe it will shed some light on certain overlooked trends that no one ever stops to consider. I will begin with a class by class showdown of sorts at the quarterback position over the last 10 drafts.  First up, we have the class of 1999 taking on that of 2000:

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25 February 2009

And with the first pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions select…

A) Matthew Stafford, QB, UGA

B) Eugene Monroe, OT, UVA

C) Aaron Curry, LB, WF

D)  Jason Smith, OT, BAY

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24 February 2009

 Talk all you want about the “potential” of Matt Stafford and Mark Sanchez, but if you’re looking for an immediate impact quarterback in the 2009 draft, look no further than the diminutive Pat White of West Virginia. To use the old cliche that probably became a cliche because it used to be considered an invaluable trait, the guy is simply a play-maker. Sure, he “only” stands 6′0 1/4 and weighs 197 lbs., but this is a player who isn’t afraid to put the team on his back in crunch time and make the game-deciding play. Still, the story of his life has been one of under-appreciation, and the tale of this year’s draft is looking like yet another chapter.

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9 February 2009

In his address to the nation Monday night, President Barack Obama spoke about the plan to stimulate the U.S. economy, which some experts say is at its worst since the Great Depression.  Although, if I had my choice, I’d rather live through the Depression as described in John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath” than be part of the current period that spawned “The Hills” and the Jonas Brothers.   

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22 January 2009


Let it be said before I begin this blog:  I am from Dayton, Ohio, and I love the Cincinnati Bengals.  Wow, I feel so much better.  Now I’m ready to face the other 11 steps… 

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21 January 2009

Here we go again. 

The Super Bowl is around the corner, conference play is heating up in college basketball and Punxsutawney Phil is testing my patience by even thinking about seeing his fat little shadow.  What, it’s 15 flippin’ degrees outside and I live in Tennessee!  I’m cold! 

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20 January 2009

The stage was officially set after Sunday's two Conference games for the 43rd Super Bowl. The Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers both jumped over their last hurdles to go to the big dance. But don't ask either coach if they'll be satisfied with just making it. They want to win it! I'll bring you a in-depth 7 part preview of the big game as I'll give my prediction on the game on the 7th and final post. So let's get to it! This is the 'intro' post to the 7 part series.

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19 January 2009

So after watching the Steelers/ Ravens game, I have noticed one thing about Pittsburgh... they are a dirty team.  Ryan Clark hit Willis McGahee helmet-to-helmet in the closing minutes of the Fourth Quarter to force a fumble, which was recovered by the Steelers.  Unfortunately for the NFL and for fans of the game, the referees did not call the hit illegal.  A very similar hit was called illegal (and a fine was given) earlier this season on Anquan Boldin, which knocked him out for several games.  These hits are very dangerous and can cause paralysis.  The league needs to be more uniform in the hits they call.  There are less calls made against offensive players making helmet to helmet blocks (see video of Hines Ward breaking Keith Rivers' jaw in a game against Cincinnati).  Also less frequent are helmet-to-helmet hits on running backs from defenders.  It's like the league feels that defensive players deserve to get hit this way, and since running backs are naturally taking the most hits, they deserve it in a way.  Receivers and quarterbacks are too fragile to allow these hits to be put on them, so the league fines players for hits on these guys.  Come on!  The reason some are called illegal is "to prevent injury".  All of these hits, regardless of position, can injure the guy.  (Did you see McGahee carted off the field on a stretcher, or Keith Rivers get his jaw broken?)  Bottom line, both of these hits referenced were by Pittsburgh Steelers players, and neither were fined or even called as penalties.  I feel like the NFL gives Pittsburgh a free pass because they have a reputation as a physical, hard-hitting football team.  The league needs to get their act together and fix this very baised system. 

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15 January 2009

Pittsburgh's Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is reportedly in the process of legally changing his name to Luke Steelerstahl for the Pittsburgh Steelers AFC Championship game Sunday versus the Baltimore Ravens.

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12 January 2009

We always here about things like this happening in another town in a different county or in a different state altogether; events that have no bearing to our lives whatsoever. We walk into another school while on a basketball trip and see a glass case perched on a wall close to the entrance which has an asortment of different items arranged around a picture set in the middle. The pictures differ from town to town, sometimes it may be just a normal school picture of a student with small heirlooms hanging around the image, other times it may be a student's athletic picture and his or her varsity letter nearby. There always seems to be a small passage included that can be read, describing the person's life and passions. In every case though, the glass case holds the same meaning, a memorandum of a life taken too early.

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8 January 2009

When I was a sophomore in high school playing on the JV basketball team, we went into our Christmas break undefeated and feeling pretty good about ourselves. Over the break we were scheduled to play one game against a team from the division below us. We practiced a few times, nothing too serious, and went into the game feeling good. But the week and a half layoff killed us and we lost by four, our only loss of the season.

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25 December 2008

From Week 12 to Week 15 the Houston Texans showed great poise and determination. They started a 4-game winning streak in Cleveland in a defensive battle. Not overly impressive, but a win is a win in the National Football League. The team then dominated a displaced looking Jacksonville Jaguars team at home in the first Monday Night game in franchise history.

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19 December 2008

Week 16 is off and rolling as the NFL season continues to wind down. Due to a busy schedule and some internet difficulties I was not able to bring you a Week 15 prediction post. But have no fear I'm back this week with a Week 16 post (yip yip hooray!) I went a miserable 1-3 in Week 14. With the season winding down, theirs several big games with playoff implications on the line. So without further a due....let's take a look at the games and predictions of the week.

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17 December 2008

The Buffalo Bills have continually given the faithful, blaze orange clad, Genny Light drinking fans in Buffalo a steady stream of heartache through bad management, coaching decisions and poor drafting. The trend has somewhat been reversed as of late but some of these decisions still loom large. These decisions also seem to rack up numbers in the loss column and continually prevent the Bills from making the playoffs. How the Bills choose who they draft and when is beyond me and somehow it leads to the losing trend. Thirty eight to be exact through the 2007 season.

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15 December 2008

A 1-point win never seemed so mammoth.

Yesterday the Houston Texans defeated the Tennessee Titans 13-12 in front of a jam-packed crowd at Reliant Stadium. With the win the Texans evened their season record at 7-7 and recorded their first 4 game winning streak in franchise history. Playoff chances have been done for weeks, but the Texans are still playing tough and like a team with a lot on the line.

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9 December 2008

Another week is in the books in the National Football League as we head to Week 15. But first let's take a look back at the week that was...Week 14! (my tongue is getting twisted) Several surprising outcomes this past Sunday including a few of the games I picked. I went a disappointing 1-3 in my picks. Very poor performance on my part. I'm finally realizing I'll never have a grip on the NFL. It's the most inconsistent professional sport out there. Any team can lose on any given week. But enough sulking, let's get on to this week's Fallout Report!

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7 December 2008

Week 14 rolls along as Week 13 is officially history. I went 2-2 last week, picking again without any assistance from a Crystal Ball or a Crypt Keeper. Not a great performance by me, but I'm confident that my record will be better this week. So with that said, again without any assistance....let's kick things off with the Texans/Packers!

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2 December 2008

Week 13 is in the books as we are getting closer to the playoffs in the National Football League (still 4 weeks away, but with the way this season has flown bye, it won't be long!). Before I begin I want to apologize to my 3 readers for not keeping up with the Fallout Report. I'll have it on time (every Tuesday) from now until the playoffs. With that said, let's see how I did!

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30 November 2008

Watching the Packers lose their fourth game in their last five, it seemed obvious to me, just as it should to the entire world, that this is no where near the same Packers team that went 13-3 last year. The question is why. There is one obvious answer to that question and one not so obvious answer. You would have to have spent the past year in a cave to not know that after sixteen years with the team, Brett Favre is no longer the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. The other big difference between last year's team and this one is something a little more difficult to predict or control. That is health.

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28 November 2008

     With the Holiday Shoppers out and the economy in the tank, the wolves are out. . .Happy Holidays, and oh-Watch Your Back!!!         

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27 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving all. The NFL is already in its 13th week of the season (hard to believe isn't it?). I went 3-1 in Week 12 (without any assistance from the Crypt Keeper once again, mind you). Since I've had luck with out any help from a Crystal Ball or a Crypt Keeper, I'll go at my picks alone again this week and hope the wins keep on coming! So let's dig in!

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26 November 2008

Seasons Greetings!!!!

     I am giving you a gift in this holiday season. Over the next few weeks most of us will spend our time meeting and greeting, traveling and shopping, and stuffing and laughing - so I thought that I would share one of my favorite pastimes, ogling and drooling.

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25 November 2008

This is an ongoing record of the funniest sport quotes from the major and local sports talk shows like ATH, PTI, Jim Rome, etc.  Feel free to contribute some of you own from TV and radio or comment on the ones you see here. Your new quotes will be integrated daily as part of the ongoing record.  To post a quote or make a comment just follow the comment link at the bottom.

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24 November 2008

     No one is saying it. The networks and big newspapers love to ignore the WAC, Mountain West, and others as if they were a conservative Republican with no charisma. In my area, for example, the Utah-BYU game was not even on television. A game between two top 20 teams was unavailable. A game that would determine one of the schools in the BCS this season was a no-show.

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22 November 2008

       Watch this weeks Fantasy Football injury report by Fantasy Sportsgirl.  After that, you can vote for your favorite Fantasy Sportsgirl of the season to this point by placing their name in our comment section. (Remember to look in the archives for past Fantasy Sportsgirls). Then, watch the end of the UAB vs. University of Arizona basketball game from the other night. This might have been the most jaw-dropping ending to a sporting event that I have ever seen. Tell us what you think.

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20 November 2008

     As we do each week, we are providing fantasy football players with the best information in the most interesting format possible. So, enjoy your viewing of this video that is sure to bring you what you need and remind you of things that you want.

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18 November 2008

         As the NFL reaches week 12, fantasy owners are positioning themselves for the playoffs. With only a few weeks before the fantasy playoffs begin, mid-season trades and quality free agent pick-ups could be the boost that your team needs to climb to the top of the mountain. So, as we do each week, we are providing fantasy football players with the best information in the most interesting format possible. So, enjoy your viewing of this video that is sure to bring you what you need and remind you of things that you want.

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17 November 2008


           Last night, on Sunday Night Football, the Cowboys and Redskins met in a heated NFC East rivalry.  The ‘Boys came to Washington, sporting a 5-4 record, while the ‘Skins were 6-3.  The Cowboys welcomed back their offensive leader, Tony Romo, as well as Pro-Bowl corner, Terence Newman.  Dallas had already lost to the Redskins earlier this season, and this was a must-win game for the Cowboys. 

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     The Coach Gary Kubiak watch is officially on in Houston. Sure, the Houston Texans lost a hard fought battle to the perennially good Indianapolis Colts. The problem, however sad it is, is not that they lost; but the way that Houston is going about their special brand of losing.

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15 November 2008


As America (and London) prepare for the NFL’s week eight schedule tomorrow, these are bleak times. I know that this isn’t a political or social venue, but I just wanted to fire off some quick words of appreciation for our beloved sport. 

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13 November 2008

-Thursday November 6th, 2008-

Now that we’re past the halfway point for the 2008 NFL season and based on my current record for picking games against the spread this year (horrendous), I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and try a new experiment in terms of the strategy I use in making my weekly picks.   

Posted by Christopher Edge |

      As the NFL reaches solidly into the second half of the season, fantasy owners are positioning themselves for the playoffs. With big games this week, including the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Washington Redskins and the New England Patriots vs. the New York Jets, team and player match-ups should have an impact your selections. Mid-season trades and quality free agent pick-ups could be the boost that your team needs to climb to the top of the mountain.

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7 November 2008

   As the Houston Texans prepare for their game vs. the Baltimore Ravens, the season has reached a crossroad. On the plus side, the Texans' offense has begun to hit on all cylinders. The running game has been very productive and Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson have started their own airline company. Schaub-Johnson Airlines has flown more than Southwest flies from Houston to Dallas.

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4 November 2008

Crime and Punishment in Big D 

           You don’t have to be a die-hard fan to know that the biggest reason for the Cowboys’ recent struggles has been Brad Johnson. As bad as the offensive line and defensive secondary have played at times, the fact that the former Super Bowl quarterback hasn’t looked like he could throw a stone in the ocean this season has to be Wade Phillips’ worst oversight since coming to Dallas two years ago. 

Posted by Nolan Bennett |

2 November 2008

If someone read my posts about the Jacksonville Jaguars this year, they'd probably think I was bipolar. Hopeful, pessimistic, optimistic, frustrated, depending on the day. But it's actually not me that's biplar; it's the Jags. One week they are beating the Colts or the Broncos and the next week they are losing to the Bills or the Browns (the Browns, really?!!). One week they are losing at the last minute to the Steelers, another week they are surviving the last minute against the Texans. 

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31 October 2008


5. Jeremy Shockey (NO)—When he was acquired in the off-season from the Giants, many lauded the move. On paper, it truly seemed like a “win-win” scenario for both teams. One expert even went so far as to say that the outspoken tight end would have the same type of impact on the Saints as Randy Moss had on the Patriots in 2007 (sorry, Mr. Jaworski). Thus far, having played in 5 of 8 games, Shockey has 200 receiving yards, zero touchdowns, and two lost fumbles. Recently, he lashed out at his new organization for rushing him back on the playing field after he suffered a sports hernia earlier in the season. Even with crucial injuries at skill positions, the 4-4 Saints have had little trouble moving the ball on offense. If Shockey doesn’t score a touchdown shut up soon, he might find out the hard way just how expendable he actually is.

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This weeks video from the Fantasy Sportsgirl Team. Enjoy!

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29 October 2008


2nd TEAM

QB = Drew Brees (NO): 2563 YDS 15 TD 7 INT 69% CMP 101.6 RTG

RB = Michael Turner (ATL): 655 YDS 6 TD 4.5 YPC, 3 CTH 11 YDS
         Marion Barber (DAL): 611 YDS 5 TD 4.0 YPC, 32 CTH 276 YDS 2 TD

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28 October 2008

A week filled with late game nervousness and dominant performances. The Texans were the ones doing the prowling as they tore apart the Bengals. 'America's Team' didn't look so sharp, but they found a way to win. The NFL brought a real shootout to London (hopefully no one was hurt!) and Brett Favre didn't look good for the second consecutive week, but thankfully for the Jets, they played the Chiefs. I'll cover those games in this week's Fallout report!

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27 October 2008

The Carolina Panthers are rolling! Led by Jake's new Arm the two heading monster at running back, and the Best Receiver in the League Steve Smith. He is Just amazing! For the Third straight game is ha

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25 October 2008

This should be your lock of the week. The new trend in the NFL is teams out west coming east and playing has lost every game this year when the game is at 1:00 and this one is. Plus the Panthers are u

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24 October 2008

Sun, Oct 26StadiumTime (ET)TicketsNetworkDIRECTV (HD)SIRIUSWestwood OneOAK @ BAL M&T Bank Stadium1:00 PM TicketsCBS705 (705) 144 (OAK)   119 (BAL)  ARI @ CAR Bank of America Stadium1:00 PM TicketsFOX708 (708) 155 (ARI)   91 (CAR)  ATL @ PHI Lincoln Financial Field1:00 PM TicketsFOX712 (712) 154 (ATL)   127 (PHI)  KC @ NYJ Giants Stadium1:00 PM TicketsCBS707 (707) 107 (KC)   123 (NYJ)  SD @ NO Wembley Stadium1:00 PM TicketsCBS704 (704) 110 (SD)   126 (NO)  STL @ NE Gillette Stadium1:00 PM TicketsFOX711 (711) 90 (STL)   121 (NE)  TB @ DAL Texas Stadium1:00 PM TicketsFOX709 (709) 118 (TB)   122 (DAL)  WAS @ DET Ford Field1:00 PM TicketsFOX710 (710) 152 (WAS)   129 (DET)  BUF @ MIA Dolphin Stadium1:00 PM TicketsCBS706 (706) 130 (BUF)   125 (MIA)  CLE @ JAC Jacksonville Municipal Stadium4:05 PM TicketsCBS714 (714) 125 (CLE)   122 (JAC)  CIN @ HOU Reliant Stadium4:05 PM TicketsCBS713 (713) 119 (CIN)   126 (HOU)  NYG @ PIT Heinz Field4:15 PM TicketsFOX716 (716) 91 (NYG)   127 (PIT)  SEA @ SF Candlestick Park4:15 PM TicketsFOX715 (715) 123 (SEA)   121 (SF)  Mon, Oct 27StadiumTime (ET)TicketsNetworkDIRECTV (HD)SIRIUSWestwood OneIND @ TEN LP Field8:30 PM TicketsESPN206 (73) 126 (IND)   Radio Byes: Bears, Broncos, Packers, Vikings

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alright, now that I have your attention, I feel that Cincinnati will win this weekend.  They are playing the soft Texans (one of their wins came last week against the Lions (the only team worse t

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According to, this is the injury statuse of key players in Week 8.

  Oakland Raiders  at   Baltimore Ravens 
NamePositionInjuryPractice StatusGame Status

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21 October 2008

Fantasy Sportsgirl returns for a new week in the NFL. Feel free to comment.

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20 October 2008

         While surfing the internet recently, I have come to a sad conclusion-the Apocalypse is UPON US! The number of morons in America is staggering. I wrote a column several weeks ago talkling about what would happen if a star quarterback like Tony Romo was injured during the season.   Although the comments I have recieved here have been insightful,I was lambasted by some on other message boards for claiming that he indeed was injured. I found it laughable that they could not understand that a question was being raised. (Article is found in September Archives) Romo wasn't hurt. We all knew that. Now he is -  as well as Tom Brady, Carson Palmer, and Brodie Croyle. My staments on its effects on a team have also come true. But I digress.

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 Here we go! After poor performances in the first few weeks of the season, the Texans are righting the ship. The Texans were like Ashlee Simpson singing live, but now they are much more like a digitally remastered version of Sinatra.

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All year long everyone have been on the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and the rest on the NFC East bandwagon! Now with the Dallas Debacle and the Redskins now back to earth, except for

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18 October 2008

             Here is this week's NFL game picks by Fantasy Sportsgirl. Will the Colts beat the Packers? What about Cleveland and the Redskins? What will happen to the Cowboys? You can read the experts picks, but I get my in formation in prettier packages. I love ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS Sportsline, Sports Illustrated, and all the others, but when all is said and done-more is said than done. As for the Fantasy Sportsgirls - when all is seen and heard, more is seen than heard. Take a look at Sportsgirls picks for this week.  After watching, feel free to post comments and other suggestions.

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16 October 2008


Fantasy Sportgirl is a great way to get your fantasy player information. 

Check here a few times a week for updated Fantasy Sportsgirl videos,

as well as humurous sports' quotes, and columns about a variety of sports issues.

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This is an ongoing record of the funniest sport quotes from the major and local sports talk shows like ATH, PTI, Jim Rome, etc.  Feel free to contribute some of you own from TV and radio or comment on the ones you see here. Your new quotes will be integrated daily as part of the ongoing record.  To post a quote or make a comment just follow the comment link at the bottom.

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15 October 2008

   Fantasy Sportsgirl for this week includes comments on Randy Moss.

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14 October 2008

      It happened. It really happened. The Detroit Lions did something smart. The trade of Roy Williams has got to bring some hope to the historically horrific franchise-not because Roy can't play, but because the Lions have just turned one first round pick(Roy Williams) into several picks. Let's face it. The Lions need picks, but what they really need is players.

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      4th and Goal

      A few seconds left in the game

      Houston down

      What does the offensive guru call?-A fade to the dominating Andre Johnson?-A run with rookie sensation Steve Slaton?-A pass over the middle to big Owen Daniels? No,a quarterback draw with slow footed Matt Schaub. GREAT CALL!

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13 October 2008

It was a Sunday of last second heroics. 5 games were decided in the closing seconds. A few of them killed me in my pick-ems. I went 1-3 in my picks in my weekly dig here! Bah humbug as Ebenezer Scrooge would say. Despite my hideous pick skills again (grr!) it was a good Sunday of professional football. Instead of covering each game like I did last week here, I'll cover the games that were the more 'exciting on the weeks' slate'.

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12 October 2008

A new found rivalry with this expansion team(well, they always will be to me) the Jacksonville Jaguars have always put up a good fight. Very Excited for this game.

 Within the first 5 drives between both teams we've seen a touchdown pass, two fumbles, and a field goal. I love this stuff! Now if only one of those fumbles hadn't been ours. Our offense and defense started out with a bang. Cutler and the O driving for 80 yards. Only to be dulled in comparison to Webster's DEVESTATING blow to Taylor making him cough up the ball. BUT, yes, with the orange and blue there is ALWAYS a but, Cutler as we have all noticed this season, has grown his required set of extremities necessary for all NFL quarteback. Balls. But with these balls come responsibility Jay. Yes, you did make one succesful sprint. But trying to do this all the time will come back to bite you in those previously mentioned balls. Like today. You just fumbled man!!! Now we're only ahead by 4! AHH!!!! You just through and interception too!! Sounds like someone's trying to step on their OWN balls. Ouch! Alright, end of the 1st quarter. I'm gonna grab a beer.

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10 October 2008

Week 5 is in the books. I went 2-2 last week (3-1 if the Texans would have hold on to the lead) but anyways...We put Week 5 in the history books and we open up a new chapter: Week 6! Just like last we

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A brand new fantasy sportsgirl video for this week. Who to start? Who to sit?

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9 October 2008

Wow! In five short weeks we went from the Cowboys as the Super Bowl Favorites, to are they even the best team in the NFC East.  Now I will give you this, the Redskins are shocking every

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Once again, Adam don’t call me “Pac-man” Jones has made the headlines.  And when Mr. Jones makes the headlines, it usually isn’t good news!  Early Wednesday morning, Pac-man allegedly got into a “scuffle” with one of his security guards at a hotel in Dallas (read more here).  The police were called, but no charges were filed.  Is this much ado about nothing…or is Adam facing a possible suspension! 

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8 October 2008

Last night, we lost another star to the pre-season. Antawn Jamison went down with a knee injury after playing only 4 mins. Which begs the question why do we need a pre-season anyway. Now the Washin

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  Check out Fantasy Sportsgirl every week-always here at my site!

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7 October 2008

Since Mr. Reggie Bush has been in the League he has been in the new a lot. From the Scandal at USC, to dating Kim Kardashian, to being over-hyped. Last night he was in it for the right reasons. During the Monday Night Game The Saints VS the Viking, it was build as Peterson Vs Bush, and everybody thought that All Day was going to do just that and run all day and night against the saints and that lowly defence. To everyone's surprise it was Mr. Bush that sole the show with almost 300 yards of total offence which is more that twice the Kansas City put up in the defeat at the paws of my Carolina Panthers Sunday. In the second he took over the game in i way in my 27 years i never seen a scat back as the call him do with two punt returns that he was clocked at running over 21 mph with 20lbs of equipment on.Reggie Bush no matter what they try to call him scat back, specialty player, or whatever  he is none other that a football player.  He single took the game over and if it was for the saint kicking game and their penants and turnovers they would have won the game. He also set two NFL records most receptions by a player to start a carrer, and two punt returns in the same game is one also he hold that with others. Since he has been drafted they have been waiting for him to live up to the hype. Let me be the first to tell you the wait is over. Church

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          The crystal ball was two up and two down for the week.  Even though that is an improvement, it still doesn’t cut it!  Good thing this is for entertainment purposes only…or I would be in the poor house!  Let’s take a look back and see what happened: 

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6 October 2008

It was an interesting week in the National Football League. A few surprises, a big meltdown by one team and one bruised and battered team found a way to win a big prime-time game. Let's get right to it--game by game.

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           Yesterday, the Eagles lost another heartbreaker to a division foe, the Washington Redskins, 23-17.  The Eagles stand at 2-3 and in 4th (last) place in their division.  They have now lost two division (3 conference) games…and that does not bode well for play-off considerations.  Though it’s still early in the season…the sky may be falling! 

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3 October 2008

First off, I want to introduce myself. My name is Jake, I live in Houston. I'm glad I found this place. I've read a lot of bloggers material today from predictions to their favorite teams' rants, it's great. I enjoyed it. Sports, baby sports!

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           Each week, on Friday, I will look into my (never wrong, just misinformed) crystal ball and give my predictions for that weekend games.  I will always prognosticate on the Eagles and Cowboys games and then pick two more games of interest (to me, that is, not necessarily to you).  Keep in mind, that this is for entertainment purposes only, and that I do not endorse any sort of legal or illegal gambling.  That being said…let’s see what’s in my crystal ball!

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2 October 2008

    Kellen Clemens never saw him. When the young quarterback dropped back in the pocket with six minutes left in the second quarter, he thought he had Jerricho Cotchery open on an out route. With little hesitation, he gunned the ball in the direction of his top receiver and watched it go for six. Unfortunately, for Clemens and Jets fans, those six points belonged to the opposing team, the Dallas Cowboys. Cornerback Terence Newman easily undercut the route and used his world-class speed to return the pass 50 yards down the sideline for his first touchdown of the season. Broken and overmatched, the Jets would lose the contest 34-3.

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           Bill Belichick, Head Coach of the New England Patriots, was accused by Al Davis of “tampering” with Randy Moss prior to their trade a year ago.  The Raiders received a 4th round pick as compensation in the deal.  Davis alleges that the Patriots had a secret workout with Moss prior to the negotiations, which would violate NFL rules.  Bill (here’s a surprise) denies the accusation. 

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1 October 2008

Much has been said and written about Terrell Eldorado Owens…so why should this week be any different?  It shouldn’t!  Mr. Owens had some comments that he made after the Cowboys lost to the Redskins.  He wants the ball more…gee, that’s a surprise?  He wants the offense to go through him…again, I was shocked?  He wants to be involved early and often…okay, now I am just down right astonished? 

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30 September 2008

           This week two head coaches were relieved of their duties…fired!  First, Scott Linehan of the St. Louis Rams, and now, Lane Kiffin of the Oakland Raiders, why?  Jim Haslet replaced Linehan.  What’s the difference, the Rams are horrific!  Kiffin is being replaced with O-line coach, Tom Cable…who?  Yeah, that’s right, I never heard of him either! 

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29 September 2008

Well, it's Monday morning. All of us are recovering from a roller-coaster weekend of football. I sat on the same couch, in the same clothes, in the same position from Thursday evening (USC/Oregon St thriller) until 8:35pm on Sunday night. It wasn't until Sunday morning that I realized how bad I actually smelled.

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By mistake I only entered two of the teaser in, thankfully since all three were losers.  I am still not sure how Univ. of Wis was able too blow that 4th quarter lead but oh well.  Duke got i

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           Once again, my crystal ball failed me.  I don’t understand what happened…I shined it up last week.  I even purchased a stand for it…so now it sits on top of the mantel.  I’ve treated it with the utmost respect.  For who?  For what?  (Yes…that was a shot at Ricky Watters!)  Once again, I was one up and three down last week…not good…awful…embarrassing even!  I have to do something different for next week…maybe I will punish it…have it stand in the corner…or give it a time-out!  Something has to give…and I’m not backing down!  Let’s take a closer look and see what went wrong: 

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27 September 2008

                             Atlanta Falcons (2-1) at Carolina Panthers (2-1) Panthers by 7

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           The other day, Rashard Mendenhall (Rookie RB for the Pittsburgh Steelers) sent his buddy, Ray Rice (Rookie RB for the Baltimore Ravens) a text message.  So why is that football news?  Because LB Bart Scott of the Ravens made it so!  Mendenhall’s text was only intended for his buddy Ray.  It claimed how great of a day Rashard was going to have against the vaunted Raven’s Defense.  Ray Rice took it upon himself to let his defense know about the text message…Bart Scoot took offense.

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