Best by position in the Big 12 for 2009

From Best by position in the Big 12 for 2009
J.B. Hardin
J.B. Hardin

Jun 04, 09

My best by position in the Big 12 for 2009 (up for debate)

QB: 1. Colt McCoy- Texas

       2. Sam Bradford- Oklahoma

       3. Zac Robinson- Oklahoma State

       4. Robert Griffin- Baylor

       5. Todd Reesing- Kansas

       6. Jerrod Johnson- Texas A&M

       7. Austen Arnaud- Iowa State

       8. Cody Hawkins- Colorado

       9. Taylor Potts- Texas Tech

      10. Blaine Gabbert- Missouri

      11. Carson Coffman- Kansas State

      12. Zac Lee- Nebraska


RB: 1. Kendall Hunter- Oklahoma State

       2. Chris Brown- Oklahoma

       3. DeMarco Murray- Okalhoma

       4. Derrick Washington- Missouri

       5. Barron Batch- Texas Tech

       6. Jake Sharp- Kansas


WR: 1. Dez Bryant- Oklahoma State

        2. Jordan Shipley- Texas

        3. Dezmon Briscoe- Kansas

        4. Brandon Banks- Kansas State

        5. Ryan Broyles- Oklahoma

        6 a). Kendall Wright- Baylor

        6 b). Detron Lewis- Texas Tech

        6 c). Jeff Fuller- Texas A&M


TE: 1. Jermaine Gresham- Oklahoma

       2. Jamie McCoy- Texas A&M

       3. Mike McNeil- Nebraska


OL (general):

       1. Russell Okung- Oklahoma State

       2. Trent Williams- Oklahoma

       3. Adam Ulatoski- Texas

       4. Brandon Carter- Texas Tech

       5. Chris Hall- Texas

       6. Kurtis Gregory- Missouri


DE: 1. Sergio Kindle- Texas

       2. Jeremy Beal- Oklahoma

       3. Jake Laptad- Kansas

       4. Auston English- Oklahoma

       5. Ugo Chinasa- Oklahoma State

       6. Sam Acho- Texas

       7. Von Miller- Texas A&M

       8. Frank Alexander- Oklahoma


DT: 1. Gerald McCoy- Oklahoma

       2. Ndamukong Suh- Nebraska

       3. Lamarr Houston- Texas

       4. DeMarcus Granger- Oklahoma

       5. Phil Taylor- Baylor

       6. Colby Whitlock- Texas Tech


LB: 1. Sean Weatherspoon- Missouri

       2. Joe Pawelek- Baylor

       3. Roddrick Muckleroy- Texas

       4. Travis Lewis- Oklahoma

       5. Ryan Reynolds- Oklahoma

       6. Marlon Williams- Texas Tech


CB: 1. Aaron Williams- Texas

       2. Dominique Franks- Oklahoma

       3. Chykie Brown- Texas

       4. Jamar Wall- Texas Tech

       5. Josh Moore- Kansas State

       6. Brian Jackson- Oklahoma


S: 1. Jordan Lake- Baylor

    2. Earl Thomas- Texas

    3. Darrell Stuckey- Kansas

    4. Jordan Pugh- Texas A&M

    5. James Smith- Iowa State

    6. Blake Gideon- Texas



1.      Perrish Cox- Oklahoma State

2.      DeMarco Murray- Oklahoma

3.      Jordan Shipley- Texas


K: 1. Alex Henery- Nebraska

     2. Hunter Lawrence- Texas


P: 1. Derek Epperson- Baylor

    2. Alonso Rojas- Kansas

Jun 04, 09

Hmmm, Good list in my opnion,

Ecept I do believe Ryan Miller could be on the list for O-line

 I'm not sure if I agree eithier with Cody Hawkins being above Taylor Potts.

Potts will have a season that could mbe up to par with Graham Harrels.

J.B. Hardin

Jun 04, 09

I agree that Ryan Miller could move in to the 5th or 6th spot depending on who your talking to.

In my opinion, Hawkins gets the edge because he is a returning starter, and he has made strides during the spring and will continue to get better. 

I think Potts is a legit QB and would succeed in a drop back or spread system. I think he will experiece growing pains trying to get in rhythm with some young receivers (minus Detron Lewis). 

I know its not really fair to down Potts because of the system he plays in (and i'm not, I think he has a lot of potential), but if McCoy or Bradford were the starter for Tech, they would destroy records.

Jun 05, 09

If I was in that system I could throw for 2500 yards lol so yeah colt mcoy Sam Bradford or any great passer you can think of woul most likley destroy the records.

Harrel was oerrated in my opnion but very reliable. I'm glad he managed to get signed

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