Not the way it used to be.

From Not the way it used to be.

Oct 05, 08
I've been watching college football for over 20 years and I can remember all the classic conference matchups.  Now it seems the Conference powers have fallen on hard times and we're stuck with a lot of mediocre matchups.  It almost makes the season not worth watching.  I'm personally against having "polls" during much of the regular season.  If you pay attention to the college scene you can forsee the outcomes and you can tell who are the real contenders.  The computer systems are a joke.  With the amount of bowl games at the end of the season, having schools complain about their power rankings because they played six bowl teams during the year should not mean a thing if all you have to do is win 6 games and be bowl eligible.  Case in point, Texas is ranked high every year because of their "name".  They have played no one this year and ranked in the top ten and when they lose to OU next week they're not going to fall very far because they had a high ranking before the game and they lost to the number one team in the nation.  Let me know if I'm way off or you feel the same way. 

Nov 20, 08
You were and are correct. At least in the past the system allowed for a great BYU yeam to sneak in. I loved watching ALL the bowl games in order to see if someone was impressive enough to move up to number 1.


Nov 24, 08
Things have changed a lot in the last two decades. Mostly, now it is even more about money. But as long as the presidents and conferences continue to see hige earnings coming down the pipe, not much will change.

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