Who's your preseason #1

From Who's your preseason #1

Jun 03, 08
I'm thinking USC is looking to be the team to beat next season.  What do you think?

Aug 28, 08

USC will be in the BCS National Championship race; however, I believe the this year's national champion will come out of the Southeastern Conference again.  Possibly, Florida or Georgia. 

Cooper Wandling

Sep 02, 08
Well, I guess I am a bit late for preseason topics...BUT...if i had voted on time, then I would have had to have said, USC as well, especially once I found out Sanchez would not be missing any time.

Sep 05, 08


Sure put a whipping on my UVA team

Very deep very fast

Sep 23, 08
It is way to late to be preseason, but USC will beat whoever they face in the NCG--be it the SEC team or the Big 12 team that makes it. The SEC is loaded defensively but have little to offer on offense. The Big 12 is loaded offensively but play no defense. USC plays offense and defense.

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