Style Points, BCS formula to National Championship.

January 11, 2009

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benjamin litke

Style Points, BCS formula to National Championship.

Now that the college football season for 2008 has passed, the speculation begins of whether the BCS provided the country with a true national champion? Should there be a playoff? Who should be number one? Florida, Texas, USC or Utah? What conference is over rated due to their bowl record? Should Ohio State get another chance next year to go to a BCS bowl game and lose? Should the MAC champion University of Buffalo have gone to a better bowl than the first ever International Bowl in Toronto? Who will have the best recruiting class next year? What team should be the preseason number one ranked team? Will Tim Tebow jump into the NFL draft?

Again this year we are left with college football questions left unanswered. How do we find answers to all those elusive questions that come up year after year? It seems that NCAA football is subject to someone’s own random opinion. Tons of information is jammed into a computer equation and just before Christmas we find out who has been naughty or nice. Mike Leach at Texas Tech thinks his team deserved to be in the Big XII championship and sighted graduation rates as a tie breaker to get the Red Raiders in against Missouri. His team loses only one game to Oklahoma but doesn’t get to the Big XII finale. The Red Raiders beat the Texas Longhorns who in turn beat Oklahoma, who beat Texas Tech and the Sooners get in on style points. Hmmmmm... It was not that long ago in 2006, the number two Michigan Wolverines were jumped by the Florida Gators ( number four at the time ) to get into the BCS Championship game instead of having a rematch for the national title between Michigan and Ohio State. The reason Florida got in…style points. They played one more game than did Michigan and got enough style points to leap frog Michigan by running the score up 62-0 on Western Carolina.

Ok I get it… style points is the deciding BCS factor. Utah will not be number one because they do not receive enough style points by beating a struggling Michigan team. I guess that is the reverse effect. Live and die by the sword, or style. Well I have the solution and will be notifying the NCAA promptly. Starting with the 2009 season all tiebreaking will come down to the school fight songs. For example, Rocky Top beats Gator Bait, the Rambling Wreck out does the FSU Chant and The Victors out duels them all. Problem solved . Michigan becomes the perennial champion on style points. Go Blue!


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  1. Lol! I like it. I'm not sure how much it'll help my Auburn Tigers. Our fight song is pretty lame...

     I'm new to the blogging community and thought you might want to check out my first post.

    Burl BridgerBurl Bridger on Tuesday, 13 January 2009, 08:14 PST # |

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