The New Michigan !

December 17, 2008

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benjamin litke

The New Michigan !

Webster's dictonary defines tradition as:

"1 a: an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior (as a religious practice or a social custom) b: a belief or story or a body of beliefs or stories relating to the past that are commonly accepted as historical though not verifiable2: the handing down of information, beliefs, and customs by word of mouth or by example from one generation to another without written instruction3: cultural continuity in social attitudes, customs, and institutions4: characteristic manner, method, or style."

As you can see number three invloves "social attitudes, customs and institutions". The institution that is the University of Michigan has traditions which include the " winged helmet ", the best fight song in all of sport, " The Victors ", the sell out crowds at the " Big House ", academics for both student athletes and non student athletes, graduates such as former Presdident Gerald Ford, James Earl Jones, Mike Wallace to name a few and I'm sure that Sparty and the " Chestnuts " would like to bring up the " Unibomber, Jack Kavorkian and William Ayers. But let's not bring that up for fear of a useless conversation about " Popsicle Burress ", and Maurice " Hard Time " Clarett, we can save that for another day. And that day will come!

One of the traditions that has come to a screeching halt is the string of quarterbacks leaving the UM football program for the NFL. Think about this for 20 years running the quarterbacks at Michigan have made it to the NFL. Some even having much success, like hmmmm........., Jim Harbaugh maybe, the " Comeback Kid ", Brain Griese, Elvis Grbac, Todd Collins, Chad Henne and my personal dog house resident John Navarre, Drew Henson even though he played three years in the Yankee orginization and left football, Scott Driesbach and the one you've all been waiting for Tom Brady. That being said that amounts to 491 career NFL games combined between the nine of them even though I could not find stats for Hensen, Navarre, and Driesbach. 491 games and counting. My point you ask? This is the end of another streak, or tradition or call it what you want that ol' Rich Rod has brought to the Michigan faithful. UM no longer has a 33 straight bowl appearance streak, they now own the only nine loss record in team history, continuing the losses to Ohio State, losing to the " Greenies " at home for only the third time in my life and whatever else he brought from the mountains...I can assure you that even if the Wolverines had another two or three un-Michigan like sub par seasons under Lloyd Carr, Ryan Mallett who transfered to Arkansas, had all the tools necessary, would have been the tenth on the list of NFL quarterbacks from the Maize and Blue. If you watched any of the games this year it is quite easy to see that Steven Threet and Nick Sheridan will not be added to that list. Sheridan may get to the NFL but only if his father brings him on as a coach, towel boy or parking lot attendant. The two combined will not see one minute of NFL playing time at the quarterback position. NOT ONE MINUTE, as compared to the 29,460 combined minutes of the other nine. If my math serves me correctly, and i'll give them the benefit of the doubt, that leaves them 29,259 minutes short.

Can anyone tell me what happened to the winningest program in NCAA history. Yes, the winningest program in history, no ifs, ands or buts ( Ohio State, Sparty, Notre Dame etc. ). No one has won more games EVER! PERIOD! DEAL! What happened to " those who stay, will be champions " (in football at least ), what happened to dominating at the "Big House " soon to be the " Bigger House " ? What happened ? Can anyone tell me what happened ?

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  1. Well, as the UM football fatihful look ahead to the upcoming season, they can only hope that history and tradition do repeat themselves. Good luck Richie, you are gonna need it because the Wolverines and their fans will not accept mediocrity or any coach that has a record that resembles that of John Cooper. He won a lot of games but not the one that really counts. Solve that equation and its back to owning the Big Ten, but until then, learn the traditions that are Michigan, embrace them and renew some of them and you will be " the champion of the west ". Hail!

    benjamin litkewillis on Wednesday, 17 December 2008, 11:37 PST # |

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