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A League Of His Own ! posted on 09/01/2009

"My parents drove all the way down from Michigan to see me play the game. And did I cry?... " said Jimmy Dugan. Huh? Jimmy Dugan? Who is Jimmy Dugan? Come on don't be embarrassed, you know who he is!

After reading a recent blog of mine, my longtime friend Liz told me that only I could mix Alanis Morrisette and Michigan football. Now, after hearing of the recent allegations thrust at head coach Rich Rodriguez, I feel the need to come up with another crazy reference for what is hopefully not becoming a circus. Millions nationwide are fans of Michigan football, which stands for excellence, class, tradition, scholastic achievement and winning. Anyone that even pays a little attention to NCAA football knows that the three wins the U of M football team posted last year do not rank highly in any of those categories; as a matter of fact, the 2008 Wolverines season probably ranks last in all. Wait! Not so fast. RR's squad last year did achieve the highest team grade point average in 20 years and according to Athletic Director Bill Martin, is close to being the highest ever at Michigan. As the pages of the 2009 chapter of RichRod's UM adventure turn, it seems as though things were starting to make an about face and begin to show all sorts of positive signs before his second season begins. That of course was until recently when the Detroit Free Press published a story stating that some current and former players have come forward to say that Coach Rod and his staff are not in compliance with NCAA rules that govern off-season workouts, in-season practice time and summer scrimmages. Oh say it ain't so, another controversy during the RichRod era! The opponents of his hiring and Michigan haters begin to buzz again about the tumultuous time Rodriguez has had since beginning the hiring process at UM and leaving West Virginia. The player bail outs, the awful 2008 win-loss record, the court battles and now this are starting to take their toll on RR. In a press conference he showed signs that maybe the pressure of being the " Main Man " at Michigan is getting to him.

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Fewer Sleepless Nights for Rich Rodriguez. posted on 08/09/2009

I wonder how many sleepless nights Michigan Wolverines coach Rich Rodriguez has had since taking the "dream" job that is the head football coach at the University of Michigan? I'm guessing one for every one of the nine losses during the 2008 season. Possibly one ( a celebratory one ) due to that great come from behind win at home against Wisconsin, and maybe one for each of the players that have left Michigan for other schools or early entry into the NFL. I'm sure there were also a few when trying to find a replacement for departed defensive coordinator Scott Shafer, although the UM faithful probably started sleeping better when the news became public. We could all imagine that national signing day resulted in lack of slumber and I'm sure a few were had along the recruiting trail, and some of which we may never know about.

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Style Points, BCS formula to National Championship. posted on 01/11/2009

Now that the college football season for 2008 has passed, the speculation begins of whether the BCS provided the country with a true national champion? Should there be a playoff? Who should be number one? Florida, Texas, USC or Utah? What conference is over rated due to their bowl record? Should Ohio State get another chance next year to go to a BCS bowl game and lose? Should the MAC champion University of Buffalo have gone to a better bowl than the first ever International Bowl in Toronto? Who will have the best recruiting class next year? What team should be the preseason number one ranked team? Will Tim Tebow jump into the NFL draft?

Again this year we are left with college football questions left unanswered. How do we find answers to all those elusive questions that come up year after year? It seems that NCAA football is subject to someone’s own random opinion. Tons of information is jammed into a computer equation and just before Christmas we find out who has been naughty or nice. Mike Leach at Texas Tech thinks his team deserved to be in the Big XII championship and sighted graduation rates as a tie breaker to get the Red Raiders in against Missouri. His team loses only one game to Oklahoma but doesn’t get to the Big XII finale. The Red Raiders beat the Texas Longhorns who in turn beat Oklahoma, who beat Texas Tech and the Sooners get in on style points. Hmmmmm... It was not that long ago in 2006, the number two Michigan Wolverines were jumped by the Florida Gators ( number four at the time ) to get into the BCS Championship game instead of having a rematch for the national title between Michigan and Ohio State. The reason Florida got in…style points. They played one more game than did Michigan and got enough style points to leap frog Michigan by running the score up 62-0 on Western Carolina.

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Michigan's Recruiting River Dammed By Beaver ! posted on 12/26/2008

Before the 2008 season it was Terrelle Prior ( Ohio State ), then it was Kevin Newsome, who eventually decided on Penn State, and now Shavodrick Beaver decommiting at Michigan only to verbally commit to the University of Tulsa. Last summer Kevin Newsome and Shavodrick Beaver made the commitment to attend Michigan and compete for the starting position of quarterback.What does this all mean ? It means, for the moment at least, all fans of the Michigan Wolverines football team should get to know Tate Forcier who played at Scripps Ranch high school in San Diego. It means that even though Forcier was the last of the three quarterback commitments for 2009, he is the last one standing. Is he the last of the Mohicans perhaps?

So that's it then? Just like that. Tate Forcier is the man? He just arrives on the job and the ship has been righted? Not so fast! Rich Rodriguez knows that hope is no strategy and that he must go to work on finding another quality quarterback. No doubt  Forcier ( who deems his own play to resemble that of Colt McCoy )  has the skills to develop into a star but putting all the eggs in one basket is risky business. After the 2008 season RichRod knows that the pressure is mounting by the minute to produce better numbers in the win column. With both Beaver and Forcier who were scheduled to enroll in class early ( January )  to get a jump start on the playbook and getting stronger, RR thought he was well on his way. Now with the decommitments of Newsome and Beaver, he ( Rodriguez ) may have a blessing in disguise. Yes, it changes the immediate quarterback landscape but it might turn out to be a good thing. Both Beaver and Forcier are four star recruits, Forcier the number six ranked dual threat QB, Beaver number eight. Newsome who is about to leave the conversation is ranked number four. With the three of them committed to schools that leaves the door open for Rodriguez to persue the number two and three ranked dual threat quarterbacks, Tyrik Rollison(2) and Tajh Boyd(3). Neither Boyd nor Rollison have Michigan on the radar due to solid commitments by four start recruits at the same position. Now, however, one of those positions is vacant. Is it possible that Michigan could wind up with two of the top six dual threat quarterback recruits for the 2009 season?  The quarterback position in the spread offense requires the quarterback to absorb a lot of hits and having more than one highly capable quarterback could be just the missing link Richrod needs to get his version of the program off the ground. With the bowl season almost over, thus ending the lame duck session, the Michigan faithful will no longer have to wait to see what the future holds because it will be upon them.

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How Many Ways Can You Spell Loss-Man? posted on 12/17/2008

The Buffalo Bills have continually given the faithful, blaze orange clad, Genny Light drinking fans in Buffalo a steady stream of heartache through bad management, coaching decisions and poor drafting. The trend has somewhat been reversed as of late but some of these decisions still loom large. These decisions also seem to rack up numbers in the loss column and continually prevent the Bills from making the playoffs. How the Bills choose who they draft and when is beyond me and somehow it leads to the losing trend. Thirty eight to be exact through the 2007 season.

The 2004 NFL draft is a prime example. J.P. ( which stands fo Jonathan Paul ) became the second first found pick ( Lee Evans was the first and a good one ) of the Bills in the twenty second position that involved a trade with Jacksonville. In case you did't know that Jacksonville draft pick became Fred Taylor. Loss number one of J.P.'s NFL career. Here is the list of the first round that year:

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