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posted on 08/12/2009

It's that time of year again folks. Time to start predicting the unpredictable. Will any of the Denver Broncos running backs get enough carries to warrant a spot on your roster? Can Michael Turner replicate last season's performance and warrant the second overall pick in your draft? What will Terrell Owens's numbers look like now that he is in Buffalo? And how does that impact Trent Edwards value as the Bills' QB? Who am I taking if I get the first pick? What if I get stuck at the end of the first round? Do I snatch up two running backs? Or should I go one running back and also nab a top tier receiver?

These are the questions that run through all of our minds at this time of year, as we are gameplanning, strategizing, keeping our sleepers and our busts to ourselves as we try to throw our friends, or should I say our opponents, off our scents. It is just a game, after all, but for those of us not blessed enough to be playing for, coaching, or managing a professional sports team, it is our outlet. Since we will never be able to swindle the Vikings GM into giving up Adrian Peterson for a tight end and a 4th string wide receiver, we settle for trying to swindle our buddy Gus, who thinks that any trade is a good trade. And we are forced into difficult gameday decisions. Peyton Manning against the 3rd ranked pass defense, or Carson Palmer against the 24th? LT is questionable on Sunday morning. Do you stick him on your bench or hope he plays, and plays well enough to justify giving him a starting spot?


posted on 08/10/2009

As a Laker fan who is one of Trevor Ariza's biggest supporters and whose friend had him dubbed Trevor "the future" Ariza, it was sad to see him go. He was a key cog in the Lakers' championship wagon and delivered some of the most exciting and timely plays of the season. He is still young and will probably get better.

But let's not get carried away. Trevor was a 9 point, 4 rebound a game guy this past season who was a great wing defender. This is not to diminish what he brought to the Lakers, but rather to put it in it's proper place. Ron Artest put up superior numbers and played a more vital role for the Rockets, but everyone is talking about how Ariza is ther better player. It's silly.

This leads me to my more general point that it is easy to overvalue a player based on one playoff performance and playing on the right team. Ariza benefitted from coming alive at the right time (the playoffs), playing in a huge market (Los Angeles) alongside one of the all-time greats (Kobe Bryant) and for the best coach of all-time (Phil Jackson). His accomplishments shined in the LA spotlight and he was deified for his performance. He had some great moments, no doubt. His late-game steals against Denver in the Western Conference Finals were magical, and his top of the key heave against Orlando in game 5 of the NBA Finals was the most underrated play of the 2009 playoffs.