College Football Score Updates

November 23, 2008

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College Football Score Updates

 Its Sunday morning and Texas Tech is still trying to digest a healthy dose of reality. Boomer-Sonner indeed. I guess we'll find out later today what the voters think. For now let's see how Bernie did in his advisement. 
  1. Ohio State leads Rodriguez to grimmace. But don't believe the rumors that he calls in sick. Rich shows up and even calls a play or two that lead to a TD. Problem is the Buckeyes score more. A LOT more. Yup, pretty much nailed that one. I also predict a tense off-season in Ann Arbor.
  2. Clemson is away in Charlottesville, but there is nothing cavalier about their attitude today. They touch that rock Dabo style. Uva keeps it close but Harper hits Kelly early and then late to keep the Tigers thankful for a win before Darth Visor visits. I was distracted by some paint that was drying, but this defensive battle went my way too. A victory over the hated Gamecocks next week may cement Dabo in Clemson Orange.
  3. JoePa's Nittany Lions take on Michigan State for a chance to earn a Rose Bowl berth. The Spartans have one of the best backs in college football, but I think Penn State takes care of business at home. JoePa didn't dissapoint, at all. Enjoy Pasadena Joe. It should be a nice vacation to try out the new hip.
  4. Oregon State can keep the dream alive in the Tucson desert. 'Zona keeps this one close before the Rodgers brothers take over. Dam! Beavers are still ahead of the mighty trojans.... This turned out to be the game of the day. Kahut missed the XP to tie, then gets an opportunity to redeem himself. The Ducks are the only obstacle in the way of a Rose Bowl rematch that the grandaddies would love to avoid. Go Beavers!! And Bernie is on a roll!
  5. Tennessee visits Vandy. The vOwels were a dark horse in the SEC East in the preseason. Now they're just a dead horse. Philmer falters with a team that is clearly not fighting for him. Well.....turns out the dead horse was quite beaten enough. Vandy put up little fight. Can a visiting Kentucky team give Philmer an 8 loss season on his way out of Knoxville?
  6. Houston Nutt returns to Death Valley where he thought he had put a fork in the Tigers hopes of a National Championship last season. Problem was those kitties had more than nine lives. This year Nutt has a new team, but the result is the same. Rebels are better than Troy. They can play for 60 minutes. My oh my! Nutt beats Miles' "damn fine football team" with the arm of Snead. A win in the Egg Bowl Friday should send the Rebels to pick some Cotton for New Years.
  7. Arkansas at Missy State - if you're reading this one, seek help. I'm picking State just because I like Croom....and Petrino's a dork. The Hawgs continue to play tough football, but Croom added a smear to Petrino's ever updated resume. And another W for Bernie.
  8. North Carolina State heads to Chapel Hill to try and put a dent in what has been a shiny season for Butch's Tar Heels. I think this one will be closer than many think. But UNC makes the wolfpack howl in the end. This may be the first time I've underestimated the 'Pack by this much. Butch evidently was satisfied using his words to take himself out of the running for a job in Knoxville or Clemson, he uses his team's play on the field. OUCH!
  9. UGA vs. the Bye - we won the last matchup back in early October. The bye came out steaming mad, but the Dawgs recovered nicely and I think this one goes the same way. Take a deep breath Dawgs, the bees are buzzin'. Can't really grade this one out until after the bees come to town.....
  10. Citadel goes into the Swamp and many are predicting a blowout. I agree! This one's over by halftime. Citadel 74, gators 3.  Bernie vastly overestimates this Citadel team. But he stands by his prediction on principle.
  11. The Big 12 matchup of the week should only take 5 and a half hours to play. Texas Tech takes their future former head coach Mike Leach to Oklahoma and yes they are still #2. I personally would love to see Texas Tech meet Bama for the BCS. Trendy offense with all the flash and sparkle. Versus traditional power that prides itself on smash-mouth. But Oklahoma makes a statement tonight. Boomer-Sooner in a close one. Got the result right, but missed on the closeness of it. Ethically I can only take a half point for this one. Lubbock has lost a little luster.

Well, it all leads up to a great week of turkey, dressing and some good football. Make sure and save room for dessert!




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