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Musings of the college football landscape from Between the Hedges.

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I'm a DAWG a fault. I'm frequently questioned on the voracity of my collegiate leanings, but it's what gets me out of bed early on a Saturday morning in the fall. And when you spend an afternoon with 90,000 friends......well it becomes ingrained in your personality.


my girls' well-being, the Dawgs

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annoying fans who wear orange, avoiding honey-do lists (especially between the months of August and January), dancing at wedding receptions, sarcasm, tickling my daughters until they're purple, watching football in person, watching football on television

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Stafford and Moreno Leave Athens: Georgia Fans Savor Memories, Not Trophies posted on 01/07/2009

For college football fans, the ultimate experience for each of us is a national championship for our team. To see players wearing the colors you cheer for every Saturday hold up ADT's crystallized football is the reason we get up early each Saturday to head to the tailgate. It is the reason we sit in a stadium filled with thousands of others like us, acting like raving lunatics.

Every victory over an arch rival gets us excited for the fruits to our team's labor. Each win puts us a little closer to that moment our coach brushes away the confetti from his hair and, wearing a shirt very similar to the one we are wearing (minus the gatorade stain), addresses the national audience. 

And each loss makes us rant about having to wait another year.

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Bernie's Dawg Blawg - Spartan Mothers and Their High Expectations posted on 12/31/2008

Spartan Mothers and Their High Expectations

As Greek young men prepared for their first battle, their nurturing mommies were rumored to have given them an ultimatum that challenged their manhood and undoubtedly made the little hairs stand up against their tunics.

"With it or on it." 

The ancient muthas referred to the soldier's shield. To return with it equated to a victorious warrior; to return on it meant they had perished, but in honor.

....and we would complain when our mothers would insist we finish our grits.

But to return without their shield meant they had performed what would later become known as "pulling a Petrino"; they had seen the field of battle and decided to drop their weapons and scurry mommy. Or in Petrino's case, the warm, loving arms of a late night Woo

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Chizik off the Chizzang posted on 12/14/2008

In news that has thrilled college football fans all around the southeast, Auburn is set to introduce Gene Chizik as the new head coach of their tackle football team tomorrow. Ironically, most of the inspired populace reside outside of Opelika.

Coach Chizik won a beauty contest that was made infamous more for who didn't enter than who was being interviewed. Sexy names such as Spurrier and Muschamp spurned opportunities to take over for Coach Tubs, perhaps fearing that their ears would not match up against the beleaguered Tuberville.

Other attractive candidates such as Gill and Hoke just didn't have the star power or pizazz the Auburn brass were looking for.

Coach's your headset.

Undeterred, Auburn officials scoured the NCAA landscape for signal callers with a fraction of the resume of the man who had resigned...himself to being fired. Chizik checked out in every category officials were looking for: a heartbeat, willing to coach against Nick Saban each year, and answer their phone.

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Bernie's Dawg Blawg: Another Festivus Miracle posted on 12/12/2008
And the Heisman goes to...............Jay Jacobs.Can you imagine a funnier holiday movie than the one showing right now on the plains in Auburn? I've always considered A Christmas Story the greatest Christmas movie ever. Nothing gets me in the spirit like the scene with the Chinese waiters singing to the Parker family, "Deck the haws wit bows of horry, ra ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra." (image IMDb)Seriously, Tebow, McCoy or Bradford may walk away tomorrow with the hardware, but I challenge anyone to find a person more valuable to their program's decline than Mr. Jacobs. The SEC is supposed to be the most professional of the major conferences, and yet Auburn's AD is getting outplayed by Syracuse's Daryl Gross.

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Final Exams: Will Stafford and Moreno .....PASS? posted on 12/11/2008

As Bulldog fans finalize their Christmas lists and UGA students complete their fall semester coursework, QB Matt Stafford and TB Knowshon Moreno prepare for a final exam of a different variety; one that will impact both players and fans alike.

It has but one simple question: Will #7 and #24 pass on their remaining eligibility to cash in on a chance to be among the top picks in April’s NFL draft? Georgia fans stand ready to grade the two stars, but the reality is that this is one test they cannot fail.

Stafford’s transcript:

• Experts feel he could use another season, but is widely regarded as having the arm that is more than NFL ready

• 38 games played, 33 started (26-7 record as a starter, 29-9 overall)

• 21 games with over 200 yards, 3 with over 300 and 1 over 400

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