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A lifelong fan of the Dallas and Oklahoma State Cowboys. And just a huge sports fan in general.

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posted on 10/02/2009
I read an interesting little piece over at the Dallas Morning News' Cowboys Blog in which Cowboy's Wide Receiver Roy Williams say's he is unclear what his role is here in Dallas.

"I do not know what my role is" Williams said. "I'm just trying to help this team win, whether it's catching the ball, whether it's blocking downfield, whether it's whatever the game is calling for. My role is to ... make plays, whether it's in the run or pass game, I'm guessing."

You just said what your role is SUPPOSE to be!  Your role is to make plays and help out the TEAM!  T.O. Junior??  This is what I hate about professional athletes.  A lot of them are prima donna's that only think about themselves.  Now, I didn't say that they are all like that, but there are more than we would like to see.