Initial Bowl Thoughts

December 13, 2010

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Initial Bowl Thoughts

The _______ National Championship:
#1 Billy K vs. #2 Jacob Crass
--The only two ever league champions are in a familiar spot.. back in the league championship.  Bill expected to be an afterthought but his style and slick deals put him back into contention.  He’s a version of the NY Yankees at this stage, always in contention and constantly trading youth for useful veterans.  He then drafts young players every draft... and trades them for useful veterans for the bowl run.  Perhaps, some teams should recognize this and not trade with Billy all the time and constantly “reload” while he constantly goes to the championship.
Billy managed to go 10-3 on the season behind the luxury of his opponents only averaging 100.7 points per game.  The next closest was 106 points per game and in the top 5... 116.4.  That’s 16 points, on average, that Bill had to play with.  Amazing when you really look at the numbers.. for instance take a look at his scores the first 6 weeks of the season.  Bill could very possibly playing in another game if his strength of schedule was not so week.

Crass, on the other hand, lost his first two games and things weren’t looking good.  Then, Brandon Weeden turned it on and Mark Ingram’s inspirational return inspired the team to tear off 5 straight wins before a tie with Chad.  He managed to squeak into the championship and shockingly... gave up 116.4 points per game.  The 2nd lowest amount of the top 5 teams.  I see something here.  His points per game were .1 higher than 3rd and tied with 4th place.  It looks like the schedule makers may have wanted this BCS type showdown and leave out the little non-AQ teams much like we see in the college game today. 

The Jerry Kill Runner-Up Bowl:
#3 Perrins vs. #4 Cloughs
-In a game sponsored by potential league champion slamming Minnesota’s new coaching hire former neighbors will do battle.  Cloughs has set the stage for Perrins for many years, since they grew up on 3rd street together.. went to the same middle school, same high school and the same college.  In fact, Cloughs reportedly even got Perrins the SAME college job with the University of Wisconsin football program.  Sticking to that tune, Cloughs expects to beat Perrins down like the little whiny pipsqueak he always has been.

Perrins is a disappointing 8-5 this year after making the early claim he had the best skill position players in the game.  The downfall, seems to be the QB position.  He’s in a virtual deadlock with Cloughs as far as PPG go but his team gives up 11 less.. and that could be why he’s sitting in 3rd and Cloughs is a close 4th.  I wonder if teams look at things like this as they rank similar opponents.

Cloughs managed a career high 7 wins this year against 5 losses and that mid-season tie with Crass.   A few stud QB’s have helped a mediocre RB and WR corps stay afloat.  It’ll be interesting to see which way he goes this coming bowl season with his match-ups. 

"Mr. Clough, I need a pencil Bowl" sponsored by Chad Clough and Jefferson Middle School
#5 Cherns vs. #6 Josh Clough

The league statistician and resident rule changing, crap stirring resident Cherns finds himself against the league’s senior citizen in the “Mr. Clough, I need a pencil Bowl”  Cherns, no doubt disappointed with his season, has quieted down and blamed travel for many of his problems.  He managed to go 7-6 and score the 2nd most points in the league after Bill.. plus, he only gave up 117 ppg but his late game coaching in tight games costed him dearly.  It reminds me of that time BB called a TO when Michigan State had to run a fast FG for a game winner against Wisconsin.  Instead, BB called a TO and let the entire team and K get settled to boot a 45+ yard game winner.  He’s on the cusp, but he’s still got a lot to learn.

The league average-man, Josh, comes in at 6-7.  He scores 107 and gives up 106.  Hence, he’s about .500.  In fact, he’s so used to being around the middle of the pack that he’s just blended in his entire life.  He’s always just one of the guys.. so that’s why he goes on his late night drinking binges and posts hateful messages to the league.  That’s his attempt at getting noticed.  Many in the league, however, think he should just win or lose a few more games and then they’ll stop calling him, “Mr. 500”  By the way, anybody remember playing 500 with a baseball or football as a kid?  We should bring that back.

#7 Steven vs. #8 Brian
In his first season, Steven took the laughingstock of the league (Bauman’s roster) and turned them into a somewhat respectable 5-8 squad scoring a solid 118 ppg but giving up 114.  He made a lot of roster moves and seemed to understand the concept a tad more than “Meat Hooks” or the self-proclaimed “Big One” ever did.  Of course, when you don’t pick every Michigan player good things are bound to happen. 

Brian is getting used to being near the bottom of the standings.  The guy had 4ish great years of his life attending UW.  That, however, can’t erase the fact that he’s from Minnesota and lives in Chicago.  His life is a roller coaster that always ends up going down well before it goes up.  Brian finished with 111 ppg and gave up 109.  He knew he’d be rebuilding for the 4th year well.. as soon as the season started.  I can only hope to see what ND QB he thinks will lead his squad to an upper tier bowl next year. 

#9 Joe vs. #10 T-Raz
Sadly, every league needs to have a game of misfits.  Rudolph and that fake Jack in the Box don’t even want to be apart of this game and would kick Joe and T-Raz off the Island of Misfit Toys.  We’d like to kick them out of the league but if expansion happens next year.. we’d have to find 4 guys and not 2 guys.  So, they’re safe... for now. 
Joe went 4-9 and as Cherns noted left TT type money on his table.  Not sure who he thought he could bank that up for, but you reset every year to 50 no matter how few... or how many points you have left.  Not much at QB, little at RB and Floyd’s injury crushed his season.  Oh, and when your 2nd best WR is at Ohio State and T. Pryor is leading the charge.. that’s not good either.  So, it’s no surprise he scored 103 ppg... which would be the lowest if it weren’t for...

T-Raz.  86.7.  REALLY?  That has to be a record low.  I don’t think I even touched that level of putridness.  86.7.  Apparently he bought into the Jacory “TO” Harris hype.  Russell Wilson was alright and he might have saved his future by grabbing Darron Thomas off the wire.  RB looks like his jumpshot, ugly.  WR can only get better with Kenny Stills, Demarlo Belcher and Kendall Wright all around.  He has some pieces to compete... just not this year. 

LaMichael James
Justin Blackmon
Andrew Luck
DeMarco Murray
Daniel Thomas

The league Heisman went to Cherns’ LaMichael James over Josh’s Justin Blackmon.  Cam Newton didn’t make the cut as Cloughs was too worried about the pay for play scandal and wanted integrity on his squad.  He gets harassed for not playing a bonehead while Cherns wins the award for starting a guy suspended game 1 of the year.  Shows the difference in integrity between these two coaches. 

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