Week 2 Previews

September 10, 2010

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Week 2 Previews

Crass vs. Cherns
Is there a more anticipated match up than this one? A replay of last yer's title contest.  These two bitter rivals have been spitting venom back and forth that reminds some of us of The Rock back in his glory WWF days.  The Mouth is coming off of a big scoring week in which he claims he left some points out on the field and vows that won't happen this week.  Crass, on the other hand, started off the season with a shocking 104-120 loss to The Senior Citizen.  The Mark Ingram injury really may be unsettling to Crass all year long, personally, I'm not sure he's ready to make it without him.  Cherns already submitted his line up for the week, and it features high scorers like Taylor Potts, Kendall Hunter and Daniel Thomas.  We figure to see LaMichael James this week and the Florida Gators defense is almost always a great play.  Cherns seems to take advantage of weak opponents in the early part of the season, and to be honest.. I don't see that changing this week.  Crass hasn't revealed a line up yet causing some to think he's playing head games with Cherns. 
I'd guess we see Collaros or Weeden at QB, Harper, Stewart and Taylor in the backfield with Sanu and Cobb on the edges.  I just don't see the type of firepower that can keep up with a Cherns fueled squad right now.  The only thing bigger than Chern's ego might be his score this week... and Crass can't keep up to that.

Perrins vs. Josh
A battle of 1-0 teams early in the season.  The Senior Citizen, as we learned from the team preview has turned into a more spread attack, and Perrins claims he has the best players in the history of the league.  Perrins has taken on the Mouth approach talking like his lips don't fit all offseason and early this year.  Scoring 143 points last week was a geat accomplishment thanks to an amazing effort from Demarco Murray and Ryan Broyles.  Can he count on 240 rushing yards against the Seminoles D?  I think not.  Perrins will be bringing in Golden Boy, Matt Barkley to hand the rock off to DeMarco Murray and Dion Lewis.  Lewis could have 250 yards rushing this week, however.  Ryan Broles and Jeff Fuller are the WR's and flex will be Duane Bennett who ran for days against Mid TN State last week. 
Josh is keeping his line up quiet this week, taking the Crass strategy in the big early season contest.  He could be busy with his kids, starting his own business or working on that fantasy football website we've been waiting on for the last 4 years.  Just guessingnk we'll see Landry Jones, John Clay, Ryan Williams, Justin Blackmon, and Detron Lewis heading his roster this week.  I really think he's lining himself up for a minor upset but that'll take Lewis and Blackmon having Nintendo like games... and I don't think they both can do it.  I'm going Perrins in a close game here.

Chad vs. T-Raz
There is solid belief that these two really don't get along well.  It started when they lived together at OUP in Madison and T-Raz started screen peaking during COD2.  It used to be a friendly game for laughs and drinks but soon it turned into real life and death with heated arguments ensuing and T-Raz even once reportedly turning a rented laptop background into a bunch of non-straight males in a compromising situation.  These reports, however, are unverified.  Chad got off to  big 1-0 start while T-Raz is looking up to him as he usually does.  This week Chad got his line up in early showing that he's ready to get win #2 on the year and he'll be turning to Jerrod Johnson, Sugar Shane Vareen and his favorite player on the roster.. Jersey Joe Martinek.  The WR corps is in flux with Chad Bumphis getting only 5 points last night so Armon Binns and Lance Kendricks will have to step up this week to help.
T-Raz booted cancer Derrick Washington off the team and replacd him with younger talent.  He'll be turning to Russell Wilson, Noel Devine, Tre Newton and that's about it.  His WR's are about as Chad's making this a great showdown.  It could come down to the QB play because both teams are farely solid at RB.  The edge in the QB's goes to Chad having Jerrod Johnson, a TD machine and early leader for the Heisman, but the RB's clearly have more potential on T-Raz's roster.  Noel could go for 200 and 2 monster TD's at anytime and Tre Newton was a monster last weekend.  I think this might be one of the closer games of the week.  The keys being.. Has Chad learned how to win games and can T-Raz keep his teams emotions and actions in check?  Google BYU vs. Washington last year when Locker scored the TD and watch the XP to send it to OT.  That's the kind of stuff that happens to T-Raz's team.. and in this game something has to give.  I think it'll be T-Raz's emtions allowing Chad's composed and collected squad to earn win #2 on the year.

Steven vs. Joe
Could this be a preview of the league's worst teams?  Actually, no.. Brian is still in the league.  A couple of 0-1 teams march in looking to get their first wins on the year.  Steven takes over Bauman's pathetic roster and revamped it with youth and a touch of experience.  He had a pretty good first week (135 points) but couldn't bring home what really matters.. the W.  Joe, on the other hand, scored in the 120's but couldn't eek out a win either.  He also turned some heads this week by going to the RS Frosh QB, Nathan Scheelhouse over Jake Locker and Kirk Cousins.  Scheelhouse said, "Coach must not have seen the Missouri game.  I fumbled once and threw 3 picks that could have been 8 picks.  I'm glad he has faith in me, but in the locker room we think he might have his eye on the #1 pick next year.  I guess he doesn't realize he can just get whoever in free agency right now?!"  He'll also be asking Derrick Locke, Andre Ellington, Baron Batch, Jon Baldwin and a host of others to help Scheelhouse out. 
Steven will be led by Ryan Mallett, Leonard Hankerson, and Roy Helu.  The Hankerson play might be a week too late and who knows what is going on in Nebraska with their freshman QB running up and down the field like Tommy Frazier.  This game has all the fantasy makings of a classic dud, you might want to watch your lawn grow, go shopping or even do homework than follow this game.  Thankfully, it won't be televised and will barely find it's way onto the internet, but it has to for score reporting purposes. 
I just flipped a coin with one side head (Joe wins) and one side tails (Steven wins) and the thing landed vertically on it's side and didn't fall.  I did it 12 times and that happened every time.  Even if you win this game, you still lose, I guess.  Therefore, I'm not picking a winner because in the end.. they're still a loser. 

Brian vs. Bill
Sorry guys, but at this point in time.. this game is uglier than a duckling, the game above it and whatever Cherns' future baby is going to look like.  The only thing attractive about it is that Brian will be 0-2 and heading back to the basement to scheme another way to get the next ND starting QB.  Bill, shockingly, could move to 2-0 and think he could win this year until he's again reminded that he dropped Tre Newton.  He'll inevidably end up in tears, doubt himself, have a low self esteem and spend more money getting penalty shots at Coyote Ugly than ever before.  After that, the sky will fall and he'll only win again if he plays Brian.  Brian does have the Twins to follow unless Sidney Rice comes back after 2 weeks or Greg Camarillo turns into Sterling Sharpe or Brad Childress decides that AP is worth more than 18 carries a game.  He could follow the Vikings if that happened but if Prince Fielder could hit more than solo HR's, Randy Wolf pitched like CC Sabathia and Todd Coffey like Mariano Rivera than I could follow the Brewers.  In other words, it ain't happening.  So Brian should continue to train for triathalons and hope the Twins win. 


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