College Fantasy Football

November 08, 2009

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College Fantasy Football

It's been awhile, a loooonnnnng while.  Lots has changed since the last time I posted on here.  In fact, the NBA season kicked off; The Office started up again, The Community is taking my Thursdays by storm.  Some things haven't changed:  The Pac-10 is overrated, my team can't win, and I'm still the man.  All in all; I guess people have missed my thoughts and were begging for more. 

I was going to do a fantasy football preview for the week, until I realized I deleted last weeks email with the records and opponents for the week, so there is no real update.  I have the rankings posted below, so you can check those out.  That's about it.  I do, however, want to clear the air on a few things.  Certain members of this prestigious league that has been around for 3 years now (we're ahead of our time, no big deal) are starting to take this a little too seriously.  We have an interesting array of characters here.

We've got husbands and housewives (Bill); bachelors that spend all day on their computers, college students, and a few d-bags from Minnesota.  We've got guys that work full time AND go to school AND coach basketball.. guys that travel and sit on their computer, guys that are on the road all day, guys that wish they had jobs, and a lot of guys that pretend they work a lot harder than they do.  Some of us eat too much, some used to starve themselves to make weight, some eat just right, and some don't eat at all, but drink their supper instead.  

This interesting blend of characters has been up and down all season long.  Some weeks have been battles; 8 mile like.  Better yet, .  Some guys are the Eminem wannabe, some are Cena; either way neither of them are really bringing it.. they just like to think they are.  Either way, they're like the Milwaukee Brewers starters right now, starting to fade after the 5th innings; the season isn't done yet and the talk is quieting.  The emails are slowing, nicknames are crawling.  I'm disappointed, a league where I picked the people to bring it.  I thought my mix was on spot; I thought I had a killer dish to keep people coming back for more.  In the end, it looks like I'm missing a special ingredient.  I'm missing an Anthony Mason like Point Forward on a run and gun jump shooting Bucks team; I need that spark to get me over the top.  I can't just throw anybody into a spot; I'm not Ted Thompson here.  I don't throw darts and hope to find a starting offensive line for a fragile QB.  I need gamebreakers, PTP'ers.  I need The Answer, The Truth.  

How am I going to do this?  Easy; I know that I can't find a free agent anymore.  I can't find anybody with the knowledge and the charisma outside of the league.  I have to step up to the plate as commish and bring out the best in those around me.  I have to be the Larry Bird of the league; I have to put these other 11 clowns on my back and make them look like All Stars (McHale, Chief Parrish, Danny Ainge, the late Dennis Johnson were like the Bucks today without Bird).  I have to make them think they are special; that they can "win" without me.  If I'm done with an injury or illness (or out walking the dog or visiting Pease's like I did today) the other guys have to step up.  They need to pick up the intensity and the IQ.  They have to get the job done.  It's up to me to make them believe that.  And trust me, I will.  I'm not Charlie Weis here; I don't call for BCS bowls and then lose to inferior triple option opponents on my home turf.    Can't nobody take my pride.. can't nobody hold me down.. oh no, I got to keep on moving!  

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