Centsports: Tulane vs. Tulsa

September 04, 2009

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Centsports: Tulane vs. Tulsa

So, I forgot to post 1 big time winner last night.  I was all over the Oregon/Boise State under and the Utah/Utah State over.  Hammered the under for a win, lost a little bit on the Utah spread and pushed on the total.  Figured they could cover 21 against a bad, bad Utah State team, but it apparently wasn't meant to be.  I'm a tad frustrated by that loss, but I've got one for tonight.  Friday Night High School Football night has a line up; not for high school but for that slugfest down south.  High powered Tulsa vs. ground ready Tulane and you know where I am going.  Under 62, all day long.  Tulsa isn't starting Paul Smith anymore, they were embarrassed their last time out.  Tulane runs right, runs left, runs right and left and they are going to try to keep the ball out of Tulsa's hands.  Eat the clock and score some points that way, baby.  Slow down the temp and make them earn the win. 

Tulane/Tulsa under 62.  Click  to bet on centsports.  All day. 


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